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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Geneseo chapter.

Song of the Article: “Summer Nights” by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta from “Grease”

“Summer fling don’t mean a thing. But uh, oh those summer nights”

So, today is the first day of summer. Honestly, it’s my second least favorite season, after winter. Yes, it’s my birthday, but it’s also insanely hot and most days I just want to sit in my room with the fan on my face and forget all about school and classes. But, there is one good thing about summer, besides the fact that it’s Choi San’s birthday. It’s summer flings. I think they’re silly but in the silly way that “sneaky links” (which I DESPISE) are. It’s not in a good way but also not in a bad way; it depends on how the cards fall. But I think a good summer fling can heal the soul, especially after a rough year of classes. 

I do think summer flings work more if you go to a school that’s far away from where you live. My reason for this is that if you decide to have a summer fling and want it to ONLY be a summer fling, then doing it with someone you probably won’t see once the summer ends is a fine idea. Think about it: if you have a fling with someone you don’t go to school with, rarely see unless it’s summer, and know you won’t have any ties with once you go back to school, then you never have to worry about seeing them again, unless you maybe bump into them the next summer, but by then, tensions will have softened and no one will care a whole year later. 

In my opinion, summer also just gives you the most confidence. You can dress however you want since it is so hot outside. You can get a tan, lose weight if you want, and just all around feel better about yourself. Do you know how often people have summer glow-ups? (Cough, The Summer I Turned Pretty). There has to be some kind of science surrounding summer and glow-ups. Summer gives you the chance to do things you probably wouldn’t normally do during the school year, whether that be because of schoolwork, work, classes, clubs and everything in between. I have read so many romance novels where the characters meet during the summer and the girl usually wouldn’t do what she does during the school year, but I guess the sun gets to you. I’m very much guilty of this so I can’t really talk.

Summer is the best time to have a fling as well, that’s why so many songs, movies, or shows dealing with romance usually involve a summer fling (I’m looking at you, Grease), it just works, and it’s practical. You have just gotten out of school, where you’ve been stressed out of your mind, especially after finals, and you just want to take your mind off of all the work you just went through. You get to cool down and do whatever you want, see all the friends you missed and maybe certain people that you had been flirting with over messages during the school year. 

But, where there is good, there are also some bad points. Like the fact that if it ends up being awkward or going bad, you have to see them the next summer, ESPECIALLY if you’re already friends or acquainted or whatever with them. So, dear reader, please choose your summer flings carefully and make sure that if you plan on it being a one-time thing, it stays a one-time thing. I’m guilty of going back to people after I said that I would never see them again, so choose your flings carefully. You know what they say: “Keep your friends close, and your summer flings far, far away after the summer ends.” I just made that up but it doesn’t matter, I could be a philosopher if I wanted to be. 

Have an amazing summer and be wise with your decisions !! I love you, love yourself, and stream Right Place, Wrong Person by RM. Mwah <3

Venus Martinez is the Campus Correspondent for the Geneseo chapter of Her Campus. They are a Psychology major with a minor in Human Development. They dream of getting to watch Lando Norris race in person. Their main hobby is falling for men who are borderline red flags. In their free time, they like to yap, listen to music, fail at cross-stitching, buy new silly earrings, save edits of men who will never know them, and cry over the fact that BTS is in the military. They want you to stream Walk by NCT 127 because it is an amazing album you should listen to and would change your life.