Why I Think Zebras Are Gay Culture

Zebras are odd animals. Many people view them as close relatives to horses, but in actuality they aren’t domesticated and are left in the wild for the most part. The truth is, they are closer to donkeys. Zebras are commonly identified by their black and white stripes. They are unique, and despite their black and white coloring which connects them to heterosexuality, I claim them as gay culture.


It’s very common to see edits of zebra stripes with rainbow colors.  This could just be due to  the desire to turn the dull black and white into something more colorful, but from a deeper human perspective, it’s meant to show that anyone can bring out their true gay colors.



This phenomenon is replicated throughout popular culture in many ways. Not just through drawings or edits, but also through gum marketing.



Fruit Stripes gum was invented in 1969, and has a zebra as its mascot. Stripes and colors are printed on the gum, which again, connects rainbows, and therefore gayness, to zebras. Many of the young people today who very free and open about themselves and their gay identities were born in the 90’s. Coincidentally, Fruit Stripes gum was popular in the 90’s and was often mentioned in popular culture around this time. I’m not saying there’s causation per say, but there’s definitely correlation.  Again, this connects the idea of being gay with zebras.


As with many animals in nature, zebras can most certainly be gay. This list of mammals that display homosexual behavior includes the mountain zebra. Some even claim that the zebra, Marty, was in love with the lion, Alex, from the 2005 film Madagascar. This is just another example out the multiple of instances that connect zebras to homosexuality.


Lastly, I grew up loving zebras and no one is attempting to take that away from me, but they do try to tell me it’s a part of straight culture. This is incorrect. My final claim as to why zebras are gay culture is simply that I am gay and I’ve liked zebras since I was five years old.


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