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Why Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan Deserves Recognition a Year Later

If there was one album that got me through the uncertainty of last March, it was Heartbreak Weather. I would play this CD over and over again on Spotify as I sat in my room figuring out how to learn from online classes. The comfort of Niall’s vocals got me through one of the most difficult times in my life and somehow kept me as positive as I could be while living at home unexpectedly during a global pandemic. Now, a year into the pandemic and a year with this CD, I believe that now more than ever this piece of art should be recognized for what it is: perfection.

I haven’t always been a Niall Horan fan. I wasn’t even a big One Direction fan, I would just casually listen to the songs that I enjoyed and had a poster of them on my wall because my cousin gave it to me. This completely changed when I heard the song “Put a Little Love On Me” in Feb. 2020 and instantly fell in love with it. When I noticed who sang the song, I decided to look more into Niall and saw that he had a new CD coming out March 13 called Heartbreak Weather. I started counting down to March 13, waiting impatiently for the days around me to pass in order to finally hear more of Niall’s amazing songs. Looking back, what an odd day to want to count down to. It was not only the release of the album, but the release of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Flash forward to a week after the release date of the album and I am trying to figure out what an online class entails. I am stuck in my childhood bedroom which was ill-prepared to become a college student study space and missing my life that I had a week prior. Niall’s new lyrics are playing through my laptop as I cling to what my sophomore year of college should have been and somehow I feel comforted. The range of emotions playing through in Niall’s voice and music perfectly match how I am feeling. 

The songs on this CD range from uplifting to hopeful to lonely to just plain sad. No matter what your mood is when you begin to listen, you will feel comforted listening to Niall singing about feelings you’ve had throughout your life. While most of the songs deal with love and heartbreak, he also sings about being patient with yourself and living life free of judgment. It’s rare for me to find CDs that I will listen through without skips, and Heartbreak Weather is one of those exceptions. 

Even a year later, I find undeniable joy when listening to these songs. This past year has been painfully difficult, but we have all found things that have kept us going. Heartbreak Weather is one of those things for me and I hope that you give it a try too. When it’s safe to do so again, you will find me at a Niall Horan concert singing along to the songs that kept me afloat during the pandemic. I have since recommended this album to all of my friends and family members, encouraging them to find the same peace that I feel whenever I listen to it and I hope that you do too. This CD deserves all the recognition it can receive, even a year later. Not to mention, Niall Horan is a sweetheart with an Irish accent, need I say more?

Monica Weber

Geneseo '21

Monica is a senior communication major with minors in linguistics and the honors program at SUNY Geneseo. She is an admissions intern and has been a tour guide since her first year. In her free time, Monica enjoys reading, writing, going to see movies with her friends, and playing with her puppy and two cats.
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