Westboro Baptist Church is Very Hateful but Their Song Parodies are So Funny

***General article trigger warning for hate speech and slurs.**


If you haven’t heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, all you need to know is that they hate...everyone. Particularly, they don’t enjoy the existence of gay people. In fact, their official website is called godhatesfags.com. No, I’m not kidding. They are also antisemitic, islamophobic, anti-atheist and more.


They mostly enjoy holding up signs telling people that they’re going to hell, though.


Sometimes in the face of hate, all you can do is laugh—particularly, at their terrible music parodies. On their website and Youtube channel, they have song parodies where they change lyrics to fit to their hate speech. Some of their most known ones are: “You Hate Sin What a Tragedy,” parodying “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At the Disco; “Happy” by Pharrell Williams; and “Bad” by Michael Jackson.


The quality of someone’s singing voice can not be determined by an individual’s opinion, but whoever sings the parodies is…not good. Homophobes don’t even seem to be trying anymore. As a gay person, it is tiring to be mad anytime someone says or does something homophobic. So you laugh!


A few other people have picked up on what the Westboro Baptist Church has said and done. It has been talked about on news sites and Youtube alike. Popular gay Youtuber Miles McKenna made a video a year ago of him listening to the parodies. Recently, Ally Hills, an LGBT performer, sang a cover of one of their parodies. Clearly, other people have learned to have fun with something hateful. And so should you!


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