Top 10 Words Banned on Webkinz

Let’s take an adventure.


If you’re around my age (18-22), you may have had some Webkinz pets as a kid. In the years since, you’ve probably wondered: Is the website still running? How much has it changed? I’m here to answer those questions and the answer is that yes, it is still running, and it has not changed at all. This is good for nostalgia but probably bad for website design and revenue.


Webkinz is a site where, for the most part, players can only talk to each other through previously written responses that they can choose from. If you didn’t know, you can buy a “Webkinz Movie Studio” where you can make characters talk to each other. You get to type the words in yourself, but the text will turn red if Webkinz does not recognize it as an appropriate word. Here are some words that are banned.


1) Worm

What’s wrong with common internet phrases? Oh wait, this website hasn’t been updated in years.


   2) Hot

Sometimes you just have to describe how hot it is outside, right? I mean, not in this example but theoretically.


    3) Gender

No genders allowed, kids.


    4) Touch

There must not be any initiation of contact, even with consent.


    5) Heck

I thought this was the mild version of a swear? Nope, they don’t want you to even insinuate that you’re trying to swear.


    6) Cream



    7) Fork

Apparently “fork” is too close to “fuck.” The Webkinz team is clearly on top of all the sneaky ways kids will find to swear.


    8) Babies

Webkinz executive: There will be no mention of reproduction or the result of reproduction, ever.


    9) Cherry

Guess which one is allowed.


    10) Gosh

These poor kids on this website aren’t even allowed to pray to Gosh.


Thanks to Webkinz, now you know what is or isn’t allowed in your vocabulary. Choose your words wisely.


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