Things I’ve Fixed with Krazy Glue from Her Campus

I don’t always use the products that Her Campus sends us. I’m not particularly into makeup or hair products, so there’s not always a lot for me in the Survival Kits we are sent twice a semester. But one thing that always stands out is the krazy glue, which I never have a specific use for but always stock up anyway. Then, when I’m in a time of need, it’s there for me!


Last semester, I bought a pair of sunglasses that I ended up loving and wearing all summer. Within the first week of the new school year, I took them out of my backpack and one of the arms had broken off. What could I have done, bought new sunglasses? No! All it took was a little glue, and I could wear them again. I just can’t fold them.


One of my good friends has a hobby of making wooden rings. He decided to give me one a few months back. I was wearing it one day, and oops, it cracked. I easily fixed it with krazy glue!


It may not seem very smart to put glue on a laptop, but I did it anyway. The “rubber feet” on the bottom kept falling off, and it was frustrating. They haven’t come off since I put a little glue on them!


Now that my laptop is fixed, my GPA is saved. I can freely use it without frustration and will get better grades. How would I survive college without it?


Come to think of it, Geneseo wouldn’t survive without Krazy glue. Quite possibly, the famous Geneseo Bear Fountain that lives in the center of Main Street was fixed with it. Who can say it wasn’t? It’s been hit by a car several times, but now there hasn’t been an incident since 2017. We don’t know what’s made it so strong since then. Emmaline, the bear, can be seen as a symbol of strength. I consider her an honorary member of Her Campus Geneseo.


In a way, Her Campus Krazy glue may just have solved sexism. Women are in need of many more products besides makeup and hair spray. The amount of crazy glue we are sent absolutely tops all of these things. You don’t have to be a man to fix things, and Her Campus gives you the tools to enjoy traditionally “girl” things while enjoying equality.


One last thing that Her Campus crazy glue fixes—the soul. In times of stress at school or in the midst of a broken society, the glue is there for you. Who knows how many souls it could change in the Her Campus chapters to come?


I wish luck to the strong women of the world, powering through with one small tube of fine tip crazy glue at a time.


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