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The Met Gala: The Theme’s Just Guidelines Now

the best and worst of this year’s Met Gala

This year’s Met Gala was meant to be the celebration of the first big night out fashion has had since the pandemic, and it certainly achieved that goal. The celebration of America was highlighted by its biggest starts in the fashion, artistic and political fields all showing up in gorgeous designer outfits to display the best … and worst of America through fashion.

The Best

The co-hosts of this wonderful evening were Timothee Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman and Naomi Osaka and most of them nailed it. Chalamet’s look grew on me over time after watching the Vogue Instagram’s video of him dancing, which begs the question: is there anything he can’t get us to like? Eilish showed up in a beautiful beige Oscar de la Renta gown with beautiful light blonde hair looking the picture of Marilyn Monroe, and Gorman proved that she is not only an inspiration in words but in fashion as a vision in Vera Wang.

Then we have the models; the queens of the runway as usual slayed the red carpet with some of my favorite looks of the night. Hailey Bieber stunned in a black form-fitting YSL gown alongside husband Justin Bieber’s more loose apparel. Kendall Jenner was the picture of glamour in a sparkling Givenchy gown that lit up the whole room and certainly pulled focus while Cara Delevingne proved her power yet again, sending a powerful message in Dior.

The men also rocked the Gala in some awesome looks that prove class never goes out of style. James Corden looked simple and sweet in his black Gucci tux and Russell Westbrook jazzed up his royal blue Ralph Lauren number with starry hair that elevated a simple tux to a statement about America as a whole. Josh O’Connor proved that a powder blue suit can be more than just a cliche in Dunhill, Brooklyn Beckham looked exactly like his dad in Valentino and Tom Ford looked dashing as ever in … you guessed it. Tom Ford.

We certainly had some great moments this year, and if you don’t see a look you personally loved, wait for the end; I’m saving some of the best for last.

The Worst

Okay, this is obviously a matter of opinion. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that my opinion is gospel and the people I say looked bad must’ve looked bad, but these are definitely some of the looks that had me questioning what their stylists were thinking.

When we look at the co-hosts, they all looked very classic—minus Naomi Osaka. She went very untraditional in Louis Vuitton who, for me at least, always misses the mark at award shows. Kim Kardashian went with a shrouded Balenciaga look that had me asking not only “who is that?” but also “who is that and why would they wear that and cover their face?” Isn’t the Met Gala the one night of the year where, as a celebrity, you want to be recognized? Now, this one hurts but for me: my absolute queen and savior, Olivia Rodrigo herself, missed the mark. It takes a lot for me to not absolutely love YSL (their combat boots have been on my wishlist forever) AND a whole lot for me not to like something Olivia Rodrigo (her album has been and will always be my go to heartbreak album), but no matter how many times I try to convince myself its grown on me, it really hasn’t. Another look that really missed the mark was Dan Levy in Loewe’s. I think if message alone was the goal he would win; I love what he was trying to say, but the actual look was not my friend.

We’ve done the worst, now we’ve gotten over the mountain. Let’s look at some of my favorite looks that deserve a category of their own.


Ultimate Favorite: Kaia Gerber looked the picture of old Hollywood glamour in Oscar de la Renta that continues to make me want to drop out of college and be a model.

Most In-Keeping with the Theme: Lilli Reinhart won this one for me; her gorgeous Christian Siriano look was not only beautiful but so subtly linked to the bigger picture. It was nice to see someone using the theme rather than ignoring it.

Most Timeless: Yara Shahidi brought the timeless glam in Dior.

Worst Move: Lil Nas X, don’t play Gaga’s game; you will lose.

Biggest Statement: AOC literally made her point in a custom gown.

Most Statue of Liberty: Many used Lady Liberty as their jumping off point, but Emily Blunt took the win for me with her gorgeous gown.

Most Reminiscent: Anok Yai looked the part of 1920’s flapper in Oscar de la Renta.

Biggest Loss: I, like many others, am asking the most Important question: WHERE WAS ZENDAYA?

Best Designer: Usually Dior takes the win for me every time but this year there was nothing de la Renta that didn’t absolutely steal my heart. I absolutely adored everything they put on the carpet this year.

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