Round Table: Would You Rather Have Sex or a Premium Webkinz Account? Discuss.


It’s been on some of our minds ever since a few members of Her Campus at Geneseo started playing Webkinz again. 


Nicole Callahan

I’m content right now without either. It’d feel a little grimy for my taste pressing some sort of button and having a sexual encounter roll out, though, so I’d take that Webkinz account for real. I wonder if my male friend from 3rd grade who had a crush on me is still sending me flowers on the website. 





Jessica Bansbach

Man Have You Ever Been Like Bapped Gently In The Face With One Of Those Hippo Webkinz Toesies That Feel Like Bean Bags. That Alone Is Worth Any Cost.




Anonymous 2: 

Definitely sex. Webkinz is fun though.


Kayla Glennon:

There are so many ways to take this question. If I pick one, do I lose the other forever? If I pick sex, do I get a regular Webkinz account? If I pick the premium account can I still, like, make out with people? So many questions to be answered. Well, you’ll know my answer if you know how I spend my time at night when I’m stressed. 


Anonymous 3:

Sex is cool, but you know what else is cool? An unrealistically fuzzy platypus. I would be forced to pick Webkinz, or you’d see me on the evening news in ten years getting a lifetime ban from an Australian zoo for sneaking in every eight hours to try and get into the “Webkinz Arcade.” I choose life.


Jess Rivera:

Is Webkinz going to give my body the endorphins it needs to yoink itself out of this descent of pre-final breakdowns??? I think not. Sorry gamers, you still have no rights.



What would you do?