Round Table: What Type of Friend Are You?

We all have a mom friend. They carry band-aids and snacks in their purse, they will share a cup of tea with you and they literally give the best hugs. In addition, mom friends tend to say “no” a lot. They are worried for your health and safety. They don’t really want you to go to that party, they think that you should maybe wear some tights under that skirt and they recommend you stop drinking so much coffee!


Maybe you are the mom friend of your group! Where would we all be without that friend who reminds you to bring a water bottle, put on some mittens and text when you get home safely? There’s nothing wrong with being a mom friend, and I used to think I was the mom friend! However, I recently realized that I am much more of an aunt friend. So I decided to ask the rest of the Her Campus Geneseo team what type of friend they are!


Hannah Fahy

    I am the aunt friend. What is an aunt friend? The aunt friend is a little bit crazy. You joke about skydiving, and two minutes later the aunt friend is showing you the website for the best place to go skydiving locally. The aunt friend encourages you to stay out late and dance the night away, but also watches your back the whole night. The aunt friend is a bit of a mess herself. Unlike the mom friend, she has a hard time pretending like nothing affects her; however, she can always toughen up when it comes to the needs of her besties. The aunt friend is distant one week and then attached at your hip the next week. She’s like your sister and mom wrapped up in one.


Rebecca Williamson

Without a doubt I am the mom friend. I always feed everyone. I do checklists before we leave to make sure everyone has everything. I once even (embarrassingly) counted heads in public without thinking. I’ll admit, sometimes I know I am overly mom and my friends would definitely agree with that. I’ll occasionally give that look when I don’t approve of something, but I will always let you do what you want to do since I will love you no matter what. I’ve tried my hardest to become the cool mom friend and have fun too. I think it worked, but if you asked my friends, it probably did not work as much as they would hope. As the mom friend, I know I show an extreme amount of love. I would do anything in my power to make sure no one is hurt physically, but most of all emotionally. Also, the mom friend will also always be there to give you hugs, and that may be the best quality yet.


Megan Kelly

    I would say I am more of a dad friend. I originally thought I was more of a mom friend, but I think I align more with a dad than a mom. I often tell terrible jokes, which is a hallmark of a dad, and I can be very forgetful and clueless about things. However, I feel like I excel at making sure my friends are safe, a classic dad trait. I’m not particularly of the fixing type, like my own dad, but it’s still the kind of friend I am.


Sydney Julien

    If you had asked me this question a few months ago, I definitely would have said something along the lines of the dad or the cool aunt friend because I’m concerned about everyone’s well being but I’m still encouraging everyone to have a good time. In some circles, this is definitely still the role I play. However, now that I’m living in a house that’s not my parents, I can feel myself transforming into my mother. I do things like complain about the price of gas and groceries now. I feel like I’m constantly walking around after people turning lights off and discouraging everyone from turning up the thermostat because “heating is expensive.” Plus, I’ve emptied the dishwasher ten times in the past two weeks (I’ve kept count). One of those times, I even waited it out for a whole day to see if anyone else would step up to the plate. I spent 20 minutes last Friday going around the kitchen cleaning up obvious spills from other people’s cooking. I’ve even started dressing like my mother more—the amount of times I’ve worn various chunky grey sweaters in the last month is concerning. I may sound salty about this, but I’m honestly not though. I feel like I understand my mom more than ever now. Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry if I ever gave you attitude. I didn’t understand back then.   


Jessica Bansbach

I hate to casually perpetuate alcohol culture, but I can’t think of a better term for me than the vodka aunt. I’d crash your family party that I definitely was not invited to, say something vaguely ominous that I read off of Facebook without fact-checking and then immediately pass out on your couch. You don’t know what I’m saying half of the time and you definitely don't know who I'm related to, but it’s definitely something not based in reality, and it’s going into your group chat later.


Victoria Cooke

I am the grandma friend. I constantly bake and force feed my friends. I am also constantly drinking tea because I am always cold. During the winter, I am always bundled up in sweaters and never leave my house if I can help it. I do not drink or do drugs, and I have a very set schedule. I always worry about my friends, so I give unwanted advice to them which I never, ever follow myself. I also knit. Need I say more?


So, what type of friend are you?


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