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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Geneseo chapter.

Obviously we all have our favorites, right? See what two of our Her Campus contributors have to say!

Jess Marinaro

This is really tough for me, because I love all types of movies, however I’m going to say that the horror genre has got to be my all time favorite. When it comes to specific types of horror I’m not picky—I love slashers, thrillers, supernatural, mockumentary, found footage—you name it, I like it. Even when a horror movie is bad, it’s still really fun to watch, especially with friends; there’s truly nothing more fun than watching a spooky movie with a group. Also, watching horror movies in the theater is inarguably the correct way to watch them. They’re so much more immersive that way!

Nina Fichera

Given that three of my favorite movies of all time are mysteries, I think I’ll have to go with that. I generally don’t watch a lot of movies, and even when I do, a lot of them are Hallmark movies that I’ll put on in the background of writing or doing something else. But mysteries? They’re great. I love it when I can watch the same movie over and over and notice new details each time, or find video essays about theories or things people might’ve missed. I must’ve seen a dozen combined for Knives Out and Glass Onion—and I’ve seen Glass Onion about a dozen times by now! There’s even a new movie on Netflix called Once Upon a Crime that I decided to give a chance to because of the title, and I can definitely say it didn’t disappoint! And, of course, obligatory shout-out to Clue for being one of the best movies ever (in my opinion).

Nina Fichera is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Geneseo. She oversees meetings and writes about a variety of topics, such as music (especially K-Pop and Taylor Swift), her experiences as a hopeless romantic, what it's like for her as a writer, and other entertainment-based articles. Outside of Her Campus, Nina is currently a senior with a double major in English (with a Creative Writing concentration) and Adolescent Education (with an English concentration) as well as a minor in Human Development. She was the head fiction editor for the SUNY magazine Gandy Dancer in Spring 2023. In her free time, Nina adores writing to her heart's content, usually in the realm of fiction and fanfiction. She also loves cross-stitch, spending time with her friends, learning K-Pop dances, and reading.
Jess Marinaro

Geneseo '24

Jess Marinaro is the senior editor and secretary at the Her Campus at SUNY Geneseo. They edit articles and correspond with general members of the club. Outside of Her Campus, Jess is studying English Creative Writing and Sustainability Studies. They have had creative writing published in literary magazines such as Gandy Dancer and Iris Magazine. They are a member of Sigma Tau Delta. She is also an RA at Geneseo’s campus and loves helping her residents. When not hunched over her computer, Jess can often be found hiking, running, or frolicking around the nearest New York State Park with Geneseo’s Outdoor’s Club. They love to write about queer topics, taylor swift, and movies–especially horror.