Round Table: Our Favorite Disney Villains


Disney fans often boast about the amazing princesses, princes and sidekicks, yet many never stop to think about the villains of each movie. Her Campus at Geneseo writers did just that.


Margaux Carmel

By far, my favorite villain from a Disney movie has to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid. As an alto, I always had an easier time singing her songs in comparison to most of the princesses, which made childhood and adult me very happy. I also love that she was modeled after the drag actress Divine—we gotta love LGBTQ+ representation!


Emily Tsoi

I agree with Margaux, my favorite villain from a Disney movie has to be Ursula! I just feel like she has the most purpose and is the most driven in comparison to other villains in other films. For example, the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella just hates her stepdaughter and Scar in The Lion King hides his motives throughout the film. Ursula is very open about what she's doing. Also her song “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is one of the best songs in Disney movie history.


Monica Weber

My favorite Disney villain does not come from a Disney movie but instead one of the arguably best shows to ever air on Disney Channel. Shego, from Kim Possible, is my favorite Disney villain. She is intelligent, sarcastic, just as athletically impressive as Kim and has green glowing hands. What’s not to love there? Even though she is Dr. Drakken’s sidekick, she often questions his silly ideas and will not listen to him if she doesn’t agree with him. She is most successful when she branches out on her own, since Dr. Drakken is not nearly as intelligent as she is. And to top it all off, she has impeccable fashion. Who can forget the green jacket from Club Banana?


Who is your favorite villain?