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Madison Centeno

This pandemic has made me crave traveling like never before. I think after being cooped in the house for so long my brain has convinced me that I need to go absolutely everywhere I can possibly go. I would say my top places are Thailand and Puerto Rico. Even though I’ve been to Puerto Rico multiple times since I have family there, I miss it so much and would love to enjoy a long vacation there after this crazy year. I also say Thailand because going somewhere internationally seems like something that has been really calling out to me and I feel like I just need to go out and explore the world. 

Julia Clancy 

The first place I want to go once it’s safe would definitely be to my best friend’s grandmother’s house in Long Island. We were supposed to take a trip to see her back in July, but we unfortunately had to postpone due to the given circumstances. To make it even better, Caroline’s grandma just got a cat, which she aptly named Miss Kitty. Crossing my fingers that we will be able to visit this summer (and then I’m going to travel literally everywhere else lol)!

Nina Fichera

It took me a minute to think of something, but I finally thought of a place! Well, really, two. The first is self-explanatory for me: Barnes & Noble. I practically live there (and the library) and haven’t stepped foot in either since before the pandemic began. Apart from that, there’s a ramen shop at the mall in my hometown that I’ve been to exactly once, but I’ve been craving it ever since. It even includes a tiny bit of nostalgia, since that was where I had my first (and only) date literally a week and a day before my school shut down.

Mia Donaldson

Since the dawn of this pandemic I’ve found myself dearly missing museums! I’m a particular fan of the MET, the Museum of Natural History (ESPECIALLY the space exhibits), as well as the Whitney Museum of American Art. There is definitely a large hole in my heart that only sauntering around museums for hours could fill, and I can’t wait to take a museum day trip again, hopefully sooner rather than later.  

Grace Ketteler

The first place I want to go to is to go see my family down south. However, I don’t think that will happen for a while because, while they are getting vaccinated and we are too, where they live in Georgia most people don’t believe in vaccines. Either way, that would be the first place/people I want to visit/see. Second, I really want to go abroad. Whether it be Spain, Budapest, British Isles, Iceland, I want to get out of the U.S. and just travel. Go to an amusement park, need a little thrill in my life these days. 

Sarah Sharples

One of my favorite places on earth is Acadia National Park. My favorite childhood memories are of spending afternoons jumping over waves and climbing across the huge rocks that the water crashes onto. I miss laying as close to the ocean as I could, trying to feel some of the salty spray without being swept away. I am really, really excited to be able to experience all of that with no mask and no fear, just chilling with the ocean.

Amaya Glasgow

I’ve been seeing a ton of concerts opening for 2022 and my favorite band (AJR) is touring the US so I’m definitely hoping that we have some semblance of normalcy by then because I’ve literally never been to a concert before and I’ve been dreaming about going. I’m also really excited about the Harry Potter Flagship store that’s opening in Manhattan this year. I want to say that I will wait until it’s safe but I really don’t think i have that much restraint! 

Rebecca Williamson

On a smaller scale, I’d love to be able to walk around New York City again, see some Broadway shows and hopefully attend the Harry Styles concert I have tickets for in October. Thinking a bit larger, I want to visit my grandpa in Florida. Maybe while I’m there I could stop at Universal and see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter since I haven’t been since I was about 10. I think the most wishful place is London, though. It’s always been a dream to go there.

Dara Scolnick

The first place I want to go is definitely somewhere in Europe. I am thinking Greece might be my destination of choice because I was supposed to go there for my birthday a year ago with my family but I had a quarantine birthday, which was fun considering; however, Greece would have been ideal. I have always wanted to go there and experience their culture and see the beautiful towns. Also, watching Mamma Mia made me really want to go when I was younger too. I think it’s a beautiful place, and I’d love to explore it!

Emma Belica

Personally, I cannot wait to spend a ton of money trying to go on a trip to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyworld. I honestly think about how much fun it would be about once a week. Unfortunately, Disneyworld just doesn’t seem like the safest place to be during a pandemic. Hopefully soon it will be safe enough to take a trip down there.                      

Lucy Laats

I don’t really have a place to go, but I want to see my cousins again. Since they live in California, I already don’t get to see them often, but now I haven’t seen them in over a year. They won’t be able to get the vaccine in a while either, but I’m hoping that as vaccines open up they will be able to get vaccinated and be safe. 

Madison Centeno is a junior sociology and women's and gender studies major. When she isn't at protests or actively fighting for human rights, she is in her room studying or reading! She loves to write and share information about social injustices occurring worldwide. Follow her on Instagram @madisonrue190 to get to know her more!
Lucy Laats

Geneseo '24

Lucy Laats (she/her) is a freshman, writer, and aspiring cryptid. If you can't find her anywhere, she's either in a bookstore or petting the nearest dog.
English & Political Science major at SUNY Geneseo. Instagram: miiagd
Julia is a senior Communication Major at Geneseo! She loves to write and is so elated that Her Campus lets her do just that. Julia will forever mourn the loss of her favorite band, One Direction.
Nina Fichera

Geneseo '24

Nina Fichera is an avid writer and reader, and can often be found writing somewhere (usually in her room) with her trusty journal. She is working towards an English degree, with the hopes of becoming an English teacher.
Sarah is an English student and women and gender studies minor at SUNY Geneseo who enjoys poetry, crocheting, and making Spotify playlists.
Rebecca was the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Geneseo. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing) and Communication. Rebecca was also the Copy Editor for the student newspaper The Lamron, Co-Managing Editor of Gandy Dancer, a Career Peer Mentor in the Department of Career Development, a Reader for The Masters Review, and a member of OGX dance club on campus. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @Becca_Willie04!
Dara Scolnick

Geneseo '22

Dara is a senior who has an individualized studies major titled, "Child & Youth Studies." She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, where she follows a passion of hers, which is volunteering. She also enjoys writing and sharing her thoughts with other students which is why she joined Her Campus! She is the Co-Events Coordinator for Geneseo's HC as well!
Emma Belica

Geneseo '24

Emma Belica is a sophomore at Geneseo, she's majoring in both Biology and Sustainability Studies. She loves reading, writing, yoga, and the outdoors. She is also very excited to be here :)
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