Round Table: Best Goodwill Experiences (Before Quarantine)

Almost every Geneseo student has visited Goodwill at least once in their four years. Before quarantine, many of our writers loved going thrifting. Here are the best experiences Her Campus at Geneseo has had at Goodwill.


Margaux Carmel

This isn’t a Goodwill find, but this is a Goodwill experience. I was at Goodwill with two of my suitemates and I was sitting on one of the couches while they were sifting through assorted dishwares. Then, I see him. A man, going through the “Candle Holders Etc.” aisle with a BLACKLIGHT looking at EVERYTHING he picked up with the blacklight. Then, he put something down—clearly not satisfied— and moved to the next item. He did this for a solid five minutes. I cackled and ran to find my suitemates to tell them this glorious experience.


Megan Kelly 

I found my favorite cursed clown bank at Goodwill. There’s no bottom to the bank, so it doesn’t function as a bank, but it does function as a wonderful aesthetic addition to a room. 


Jenelle Piatt

When moving into college, I knew I was going to need a desk for my room. My mom and I decided to go to estate sales and we found one pretty cheap that we ended up repainting but I still needed a chair. I went to Amvets, which is pretty much identical to Goodwill, and I saw this blue director’s chair that I instantly knew I needed. It’s kind of an odd height for my desk but It makes me feel like I’m a director working on a script for a TV show when I’m writing papers, which is what makes it my best purchase by far!


We can’t wait to visit Goodwill again (with the proper safety precautions) when quarantine is over!