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On Brittany Broski: The Comedic Voice of a Generation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Geneseo chapter.

It’s the unofficial official Broski Nation scribe here, reporting for duty!

Hey girls (gender neutral), I’m here to spread the Broski Nation propaganda as far and wide as possible. Over the summer I became a massive fan of Brittany, due to the fact that I had a landscaping job and therefore had the unique opportunity to listen to 8 hours worth of music and podcasts everyday. I loved that job, but I love Brittany’s podcast The Broski Report even more. The Broski Report has all the hallmarks of a fantastic podcast (and I would know, I’m an avid podcast listener). At times it’s reminiscent of Emma Chamberlain’s Anything Goes, but with more of the humor and obscenity that viewers have come to excpect and love from Brittany. It is outrageous, introspective and generation defining. I don’t think I’m reaching when I say that Brittany Broski will come to be known as a hallmark Gen Z comedian in the future.

My favorite thing about the podcast has got to be its versatile nature. Her most recent episode Why I Left the Christian Church is the perfect example. Broski starts the episode off light, discussing an r-rated development she discovered about her internet crush. Her humor and wit shine in a way that can only be described as feminine depravity–it’s absolutely perfect. Its the kind of humor I’ve only ever found in my female friendships; the kind of punch drunk, stitch in your side, mouth hurts from laughing so much humor that hits the best when its 3 am at a sleepover and everyone is still awake. Brittany Broski is genuine in a way that almost no other creator online has had the guts to be. She embraces womanhood in all of its greatness and nastiness.

However, as the episode continues the topic shifts–at first to an analysis of Ethyl Cain’s album Preacher’s Daughter, and then to a much more serious topic–the loss of Brittany’s faith. She goes on to divulge her experiences of being the outsider growing up in a Southern Baptist household in Texas, “It’s such a universal thing, when you’re the black sheep of the family, you’re the leftist, you’re the liberal and your family’s conservative…Not only have I left the church, but I resent how it made me feel about myself, about being a woman and my womanhood.” She discusses the frustration and pain associated with having religious trauma. My personal favorite parts were those where she talked about her family, and how hard it is to contend with the fact that the people who you love have capacity for immense hate.

You would think transitions between topics such as these would be difficult, but Madame President Broski handles them beautifully. Even with abrupt pivots, Brittany’s humor and charm more than make up for any choppiness that might crop up. I’m in awe of her quick wit and all encompassing presence. Her presentation is an amazing reflection of Gen Z wit as it is entrenched in internet culture; fangirl culture in particular. Brittany regularly shares her the most awkward skeletons hiding in her closet with listeners

Brittany is also a marketing genius. Her reign as “Supreme Leader of Broski Nation” combined with her ability to genuinely connect with fans allows her to build a para-social relationship with fans effortlessly. Her world building has expanded with Brittany’s new talk show series on Youtube, Medieval Court. Brittany’s hosting abilities shine, and I could honestly see her becoming the new and fresh face of talk show type of shows that Gen Z viewers actually want to see. If you like her content, it is totally worth the watch.

I can not praise Brittany Broski enough for being the genuine, hilarious, and truly talented comedian she is. Long live the Queen!

Jess Marinaro

Geneseo '24

Jess Marinaro is the senior editor and secretary at the Her Campus at SUNY Geneseo. They edit articles and correspond with general members of the club. Outside of Her Campus, Jess is studying English Creative Writing and Sustainability Studies. They have had creative writing published in literary magazines such as Gandy Dancer and Iris Magazine. They are a member of Sigma Tau Delta. She is also an RA at Geneseo’s campus and loves helping her residents. When not hunched over her computer, Jess can often be found hiking, running, or frolicking around the nearest New York State Park with Geneseo’s Outdoor’s Club. They love to write about queer topics, taylor swift, and movies–especially horror.