Literally Just Cute Pictures Of Animals We Own To Brighten Your Day


Title: Literally Just Cute Animals To Brighten Your Day

Author: Hannah Fahy

Tags: Cats, Dogs, Hedgehog, Guinea Pig, Furby, Animals, Cute, Happy


There is too much negativity out there, so here is a simple article that is literally just cute animals to brighten your day.



This is Jack. Jack’s favorite activities include cuddling, eating snacks, sleeping and playing with toy mice in that order. He is the most loving and gentle cat you will ever encounter.



This is Puck! Puck believes that he is a lap dog, when he is in fact a big boy. He will lay on you. He is happiest when wearing his Christmas sweater (even though he’s getting a little too big for it).



This is Todd. He is a simple guinea pig who likes the simple things in life. He will cuddle you to his heart’s content.



This is Cleo. She doesn’t quite understand how to use stairs, but that’s okay. She is loving, but neurotic.



This is Piper. She is energetic, playful, cuddly, and the champion of giving doggy kisses!



This is Bob. He’s not a dog, but he’s trying his best. He is an Instagram model and influencer. He’s very good at his job.



This is Professor Doerak (and Sydney!). This professor gives extra credit and extensions if you ask nicely. Plus if you cuddle him, he will round your grade up.



This is Sadie. She’s cold and a little sad, but still a gem.



This is Scooter. Scooter is sassy, loud, and does not listen. But that’s okay, Scooter is loved for who they are anyway.



This is Speckles. Speckles can be described as a lover and an absolute murder machine. Take that as you will.



This is Joe.  He is fat and very bad at being a cat.


This is Kefir. A pet you can keep in your dorm!



This is Buddy. Buddy is a criminal caged for crimes of screaming in the morning for no reason. He’s still 10/10 though.



This is Ollie. Ollie is a squishy, and we love a squishy. Look at that face, just look at it. Your day has officially been made better.


I hope you enjoyed all these lovely animals! They are happy to have made your day better!


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