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Is the Fall and Winter Worth it in Upstate New York?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Geneseo chapter.

Many people like to say that Upstate New York is ugly and there is nothing to do. However, with fall and winter approaching, there are many beautiful places to visit during. This list gives places close to Geneseo, but also around Upstate New York. 

Fall adventures

Wayne County Annual apple tasting tour, wayne county

This is a great option when wanting to take cute fall pictures, pick apples and also taste many different types of apples. It is a family-fun activity that all ages will enjoy!

deer run winery, geneseo; iron smoke distillery, fairport; keuka wine trail *21 and older*

These are all great options for those 21 and over. This gives you a reason to dress up, get in a girl group and have fun. It has some great views, especially on Keuka Lake, providing great pictures and scenery.

For coffee lovers: rococo coffee co., rochester

This coffee shop uses all local products from coffee to pastries. Everything is made with local products. Syrups are homemade to give a little flavor to what you want to add to your coffee. Not only does this coffee shop only have coffee, but teas, smoothies and more.

for the spooky, haunting lovers: haunted history trail of new york state

Visit this website to find a location near you. This spooky fall activity allows for ghost tours and haunted places to tour. There are many different places and locations you can visit for this. If you need a late night scary activity, this is one for you.

Winter adventures

Time for winter! In Upstate New York, winter can be brutal. However, there are some fun activities that you can take part in when the roads are cleared and not too tragic to drive on.

For ice rink lovers: martin luther king, jr. memorial park, rochester

This park allows for ice skating just like in New York City, or local areas. You can get a good group of friends and peers to go and just be with each other. Another good photo opportunity!

for the theater: a christmas carol at the geVA THEATER CENTER

Stay warm during winter time and go to the theater to get some Christmas cheer. This theater also has many other shows that you can see during the winter time!


Both of these are some great options, so you can see a minor team and see a pro team play. The Rochester Americans play against many local teams, for example the Syracuse Crunch. Going to hockey games is always a fun time and gets you out and about and supporting local teams!


There is a holiday village right in Rochester that brings winter time activities to life. There are many picture opportunities as well, along with food and hot drinks to keep you warm through the journey of the holiday village.


At some local wineries, there are many fun activities that are offered throughout the winter. Get a taste of wines, look at websites of wineries that you want to check out and see what they are offering for the winter season.

I hope that this list will help you find some fun activities when it comes to the fall and winter time. Any of these are great, but also it is simple to just look up some fun ideas!

Madison Dedrick is the Treasurer for this group. She writes about opinions and what is going on locally. As well as opening the community and wanting to create a larger community. Such as writing about how to make fall and winter in upstate new york worth it. Beyond HER Campus Madison is part of the School of Education as a Senior Adolescent English program. She is also part of the Lamron in the news section. As well as being published three times in Teen Ink Magazine for a variety of different topics. In her free time, Madison loves spending time with her family and being outdoors with them. Also if she isn't with her family she is on the field playing field hockey as well.