Her Campus at Geneseo DIY Bullet Journaling Event: Our Experiences

Markers, stickers and other art supplies were scattered across the table as students packed the seats in the lobby for our DIY Bullet Journal Event. 


Her Campus at Geneseo hosted our first ever Geneseo Late Knight event on Friday Oct. 25 in the MacVittie Union Ballroom. Alongside GLK, the team put on an extremely successful night. 


All the food—provided by Campus Auxiliary Services and Impressions catering—was gone. One hundred journals GLK ordered were uniquely decorated by our participants. 


The Her Campus at Geneseo team was so excited, we all wanted to give our feedback on our first ever GLK event on the Geneseo campus. So, here’s yet another round table so our writers can do we what we do best—express ourselves through our writing!


Rebecca Williamson 

I was super nervous that no one was going to show up at all. I guess it was a bit of an irrational fear, but we ended up giving out all of our journals! I was so happy! I was definitely more focused on getting to know people who were interested in what Her Campus is and running the event at first. I loved getting to know all the people who came out. I didn’t want to mess up my own journal, so I didn’t do much to it, but I really love the cover. I think this was a perfect event to bond, get to know new people and express our creativity. Hopefully we are able to do this again in the future! 

Kayla Glennon

I was so focused at first on running the event and making sure everything felt right that I forgot I could design my own journal! I didn’t understand why people seemed so excited about it until Rebecca told me to take a break from checking people in and made my own. Having something to create that was just so very me made it so much, especially while sitting around friends and having so many options for cut-outs and stickers thanks to Jessica. I can’t wait to do this event again and to hopefully bring in some new writers.

Sydney Julien 

I’m not really the most crafty person. I like creating things, I’ve just never had a knack for drawing or other forms of visual art. This was a good way to try and explore a different side of my creativity! It was super fun to get creative with my fellow Her Campus writers and some potential new recruits!


Jessica Bansbach

I was excited to leave this event with a new hobby! It was also exciting to see so many people use my newspaper cut-outs that I brought specifically for this event, and it was even cooler to see how creative people got with them. As we speak, I’m cutting out more for next year, so look forward to it!



Megan Kelly

I was really nervous about there not being a lot of people showing up for the event, but it was a huge success! I got to talk to a bunch of people and talk about Her Campus. I also made a (passable) bullet journal that I will probably forget about in a week. Still, it was fun and relaxing.


We all had unique experiences creating our journals, and we hope all who attended enjoyed themselves too!