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A Deep Dive into the Fascinating and Terrifying World of Dan Bacon

We’re all familiar with pickup artists, naturally. Individuals, usually men, who claim they can help you get any woman by buying their book or following their 10 step guide. I’ve been vaguely aware of these sorts of people, and usually stay away from their websites or Youtube Channels, knowing full well how annoying they can be.


But then I stumbled upon the website of a man named Dan Bacon.


Dan describes himself as “a dating and relationship expert.” His website advertises advice for men on how to date women and maintain relationships. He also provides a ‘Get your ex back’ super system for 297 dollars, as well as many other products that seem ludicrously expensive.


The first article I stumbled upon Dan’s website was “What to Do if a Woman Looks at You.” I found this article title strange, as I myself don’t know what to do when a woman looks at me. Let’s continue.


Dan first explains that women can look at you for a variety of reasons; they’re thinking about something else and zoned out, you remind her of someone she knows, or that she finds you attractive. Dan gives us multiple options to respond to a woman staring at us;


“The next facial/body language expression is the ‘Call Me’ Gesture. Do this just for fun and to get a laugh out of her. It’s not a serious thing. It’s okay to be playful and joke around with women.”

I don’t know about you, but if I was say, zoning off in class, and I saw a random man give the signal for ‘Call Me,” I would be somewhat confused. Of course, I would be more confused if they followed it up with this:

“The final facial/body language expression that I want to show you is ‘The Point and Smile.’ This is where you point at a woman, smile and with your body language, you essentially communicate to her, “I caught you looking at me.” You can also add in a bit of a shake of the finger to make it a bit more playful and essentially say to her that she is doing something naughty, she’s being naughty and so on.”

Dan clearly has had much success with women.

Another interesting article is titled “Women are More Sexist than Men.” In it, Dan explains how he and his wife were watching the news and saw a segment about how in an experiment designed to test implicit associations, women were more likely to relate being female to subjects such as family, and related men with the workplace. About 80 percent of women completed the test in this way. Men were less likely to complete the test like this, with 75 percent associating women and men with their more traditional values.

Dan goes on in this article to claim that this makes women “more sexist than men,” and that “men are not the cause of sexism,” rather than considering any other reason for why women and men may have preconceived notions of what is feminine and what is masculine (hint, hint).

Dan goes on to say that feminists don’t like the idea of men and women behaving in traditional ways, but “in reality, women are slightly more sexist than men.” He goes on to say that most men like being men, and that boys wearing the color pink and crying more should not be “forced” on people, and “the real solution is to just play out naturally.”

The last article, and possibly the strangest article I’ve ever seen, is an article titled “3 Reasons Why a Woman’s Thigh Gap is So Attractive to Men.” Yes, I know, the title is already only a brief glimpse into the horror we are about to witness.

Dan claims there are three reasons a thigh gap is attractive to men; the first reason is that it is traditionally only shown to a man behind closed doors. I suppose Dan Bacon still lives in the 1920s, when women’s bathing suits were measured for being too “short.”

Reason number two is that, well, I’ll let Dan explain;

“It [A thigh gap] shows that she is a female because there are no hanging balls… Since there are no hanging balls, no bulge from a dick and it’s just flat or a slight mound, a man’s primal instinct of attraction is triggered because she’s obviously a female.”


I’m sure we can all figure out why this reason is absolutely horrible, so let’s move onto reason three;

Dan claims that thigh gaps look best when coupled with a woman’s other feminine features, such as hips. He further states that the thigh gap trend does not promote anorexia, and states that women with a thigh gap will be able to attract more men than a woman without one. Not only does this demean women without thigh gaps, but it overall shows that Dan does not grasp why the thigh gap trend is so toxic, as it made many young women feel as though they weren’t ‘enough’ or ‘beautiful’ because they lacked a gap.

Dan Bacon is clearly a strange man. He is a person who seems to think that he’s some sort of lothario who can win the hearts of multiple women, even though he is so clearly out of touch of what women want and need. I just hope one day, Dan will finally understand this, and his website will only be a monument to his old and ridiculous beliefs.



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Megan Kelly is a psychology major at SUNY Geneseo. She enjoys writing articles about whatever interests her at the moment, so don't expect any consistency.
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