Best True Crime Online

Do you ever want to binge-watch absolutely horrifying true crime so you can fear walking across the hall to the bathroom at night but can't seem to find shows without cringey reenactments?  Then you’re in luck! I’ve recently been on a true crime kick and can recommend all of the best shows, documentaries and series available online.  No more need to waste your time on Snapped!



All the most recent Dateline mystery episodes are available free online on!  I’ve never seen an episode of Dateline that isn’t compelling, and they’re good to listen to when you need to have your eyes on something else.  For instance, I like to make crafts and essentially listen to Dateline like a podcast since there aren’t too many visuals that are necessary to see.


American Murder Mystery

Many of the American Murder Mystery mini-series and single episodes are available on Hulu.  These are so good that I couldn’t stop watching any of them. Most of the episodes follow very high profile unsolved cases from the last few decades.  For instance, there is one on Casey Anthony, Natalie Wood and Chandra Levy. However, if you hate unfinished endings, this is not the series for you!


Abducted in Plain Sight

This documentary is sure to make you extremely angry.  Essentially, a pre-teen girl was sexually abused for years and abducted twice by the same man while her family idly witnessed all of it.  The documentary interviews the victim herself as well as her family. Even though this story is infuriating, it’s worth it to hear the complex and manipulative behaviors of the abuser.  And if I haven't hooked you already, let me just add that aliens play a role in this story.  Luckily, this terrible situation ends as happily as it can. Find it on Netflix!


“Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime”

These short web series episodes cover unsolved crime cases from the early 1700s to present day.  Each episode is not only entertaining and interesting, but also super funny! There’s also a supernatural edition if you’re interested in legends and ghosts.  Let me know if you’re a believer or a Shaniac! Every episode is available for free on Youtube!


Making a Murderer

Like Abducted in Plain Sight, this docuseries will most likely make you mad.  The two seasons investigate the murder convictions of two Wisconsin men; however, one man had already been proven to be framed for a serious crime in the past.  The rest of the series questions corruption in the police force and reveals the flaws in investigations and trials.  


Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

If you weren't already convinced that pure evil exists in this world, this docuseries might just do you in.  The series includes first-hand recorded interviews with Ted Bundy, one of America's most notorious serial killers.  It's absolutely chilling and sure to make you lock your doors at night.  It's exclusively available on Netflix!


Hopefully these suggestions fuel your true crime addiction for a while!