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My worst habit is probably pleasing people. I feel as if I say “yes” to everything and anyone, even when I know sometimes I don’t have enough time to help. Another bad habit that I have is when it comes to anxiety or feeling uncomfortable I pick at my nails, even though I have tried to stop I just can’t. Also, I feel as if I watch T.V. when I am procrastinating and it does not help me get stuff done when I should be doing something. 


When I get anxious about something, I tend to scratch at my skin enough that it scabs over, usually on the backs of my hands or wrists. And then I keep irritating the scratches until they heal over. And sometimes they scar. And I also tend to lie about where I got the scratches when my parents ask. I also have a tendency to feel like I’m not productive enough if I’m doing something like watching television without doing something with my hands, which leads to me not really relaxing ever because I always have to be doing something or else I feel like I’m wasting my life.

Ben Dover

I would say my worst habit stems from a long line of commitment issues. No matter how much fun I am having with someone, the second it gets anything toward relationshipy, I’m out of there. All this being said, I constantly complain that I am not in a relationship, but then the second I am given the chance I will quite literally run (and I do not work out, but like I will run a marathon if I am running from commitment). 


My worst habit currently is procrastinating on doing my homework till like 11:00 the night before it’s due and staying up doing it until 1:00 am. This leads into my second worst habit which is refusing to get out of bed until like 30 minutes before my class and barely getting to class on time. This happens a couple different ways. Sometimes I try to go back to bed after my alarm goes off. When I do wake up on time I wind up scrolling on TikTok for like an hour. I haven’t had breakfast or a good night’s sleep since last weekend.

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