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8 Times Doug the Pug Understood the Collegiate Experience on a Spiritual Level

Doug the Pug — I don't know about you, but this little guy lights up my news feed like no one else. For those of you who don't know, Doug is a two-year-old celebrity pug from Nashville, TN. Dougie will put a smile on my face no matter what he's doing in his two daily posts. He also happens to be relatable— almost too relatable. I can't believe the number of times I've seen a post and been like, “me too Doug.” If you aren't one of Doug's millions of followers, you should get on it because this 20-pound bundle of joy is a must have in your life. More than that, he's relatable A.F. — if you don't believe me, here are 8 times Doug totally understood what it's like being a Geneseo student. 

Getting up for that 8:30 — No thanks. Like you, Doug is not looking forward to leaving the safe confines of his blanket. Frankly, neither are we. When it gets cold, we all go through that existential crisis trying to decide whether we really want to graduate or just stay in a blanket burrito for the rest of eternity.

Studyin’ it up in Milne — Like us, Doug works his curly little tail off. Here Doug is picking out a book on either culinary arts or sleep science. Food and sleep — those are subjects I’d be down to study right about now.

WHO FORGOT TO PUT WATER IN THEIR MAC AND CHEESE?! — Oh the horror of the fire alarm going off while you’re in the shower. Like Dougie, we are externally or at least internally screaming at that person who forgot to put water in their instant mac and cheese or burnt their popcorn. Doug shivers at the thought of precious food being desecrated in the microwave.

The 8:30 Blues — Trying to stay awake in your 8:30 — it’s hard. Like Doug, you’re in your comfiest clothes with a Venti, preferably Starbucks, trying to get those A’s. You can do it! I believe in you! Doug believes in you! We will all get through this together!

Getting those A’s — If you succeed in staying awake in that 8:30, you’ll likely do well. Here, Doug knows what it’s like to ace an exam and the euphoric feeling of success. Doug and I are rooting for you!


The Joy of Off-Campus Food — Let’s face it, CAS tries hard, but sometimes you cringe at the thought of eating the same bowl of MJ pasta every day. When you have the time and money to skeedaddle up to Main Street or even Rochester for food, it is a sacred, celebrated event. Doug appreciates good food, just like we do when we can get away from CAS.

Getting that sweet, sweet Mia's — Mama Mia’s pizza has a special place in every Geneseo student's heart. That thin, greasy, cheesy goodness is second to none unless you’re in the Pizza Paul’s cult. Even if you’re not from Geneseo, every college town usually has that one pizza place that'll send you into cheesy ecstasy. Here, Doug looks like he’s having a religious experience with his slice.

Hitting up Weggies — Wegmans. If you don’t go to school in the Northeast, you are missing out on this wonderland that has been voted one of the best supermarkets in the country. With an amazing selection of affordable organic products and a tantalizing hot food bar, no wonder both you and Doug are excited to stop in.

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From Buffalo New York, Emily Cecala is a Junior French and Adolescent Education Major at SUNY Geneseo. An avid Doug the Pug fanatic, Emily is involved in Geneseo's Voices for Planned Parenthood, Pride Alliance, Japanese Culture Club and Students Against Social Injustice.
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