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8 Perfect Gifts for Creative Writing Majors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Geneseo chapter.

Do you have a friend that’s a creative writing major? Or any friend that simply loves to write? These are some gift ideas that you can get the writer in your life!


A Journal  

Yes, a notebook or journal might be cliché. Although this one is pretty and simple, there are many out there. If you find the perfect one and tailor it specifically for your writer, it’s not as predictable anymore.


A Feather Pen

While a writing utensil is another boring item to give a writer, spice it up and give your friend a feather pen to make them feel like one of the greats!



Storymatic is a writing prompt tool that has an insane number of combinations you can create. The rules are simple: pick two cards in each color and write a story. I recommend challenging yourself and following their rules: the character must change from beginning to end and they can’t die.


Scrabble Refrigerator magnets

This cute idea is perfect for writers to keep track of any sudden inspiration. It is also a fun way to make your kitchen reflect the creative writer you are!


A Cute Flash Drive

For modern writers who write on their computers, a flash drive is a perfect way to keep their work safe and easily portable. This penguin is cute for the holiday season, but there are also so many others to choose from!


A Cozy Book Blanket

Litographs is a stunning website that transcribes entire books onto various products. While they are a little pricier, it’s amazing quality and your friend would love it. This blanket is specifically tailored to Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, but they have modern novels too and so much more than just blankets!


A Bookish Throw Pillow

Bookwormboutique sold by Society6 is another seller that offers so many different products and designs. I personally thought this pillow was encouraging for a young writer to cozy up with, but there are others too!


A Mug

Get your friend a mug for all the tea, coffee or whatever drink of choice they may have. This mug is a personal favorite because of its stunning two-tone color scheme and quote.


I hope that you may have found some inspiration for your creative writer. There’s also an article for literature majors that may interest you if your writer is also a reader. Hopefully, these items bring out the writer in all of us!



Rebecca was the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Geneseo. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing) and Communication. Rebecca was also the Copy Editor for the student newspaper The Lamron, Co-Managing Editor of Gandy Dancer, a Career Peer Mentor in the Department of Career Development, a Reader for The Masters Review, and a member of OGX dance club on campus. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @Becca_Willie04!