7 Artists to Listen to When You’re Gay and Hopelessly in Love

I’ll set the mood. After a long day of being an independent, hard-working college student, you curl yourself up in bed. You’ve covered yourself in pillows and blankets and your heart is full. All you can think about is a beautiful girl that you can’t have. All you need is some soft music to complement your thoughts. Here are some artists that might make you feel cheesy but pull at your heartstrings anyway.


1) Gabrielle Aplin

Her piano-playing will probably make you sad, but it will also bring out your passion. I’d recommend: Miss You, Waking Up Slow, The House We Never Built, A Case of You, Salvation


2) Mary Lambert

She’s an icon. Everybody knows “She Keeps Me Warm” from 2013. Did you know about her other awesome songs that will give you all the emotions? Listen to: So Far Away, When You Sleep, Know Your Name, I’d Be Your Wife


3) Dodie Clark

If you don’t already know her, she has a Youtube channel! She is the definition of a light, soft aesthetic. Some of my favorites of her original songs are: Sick of Losing Soulmates, Would You Be So Kind, Human, Intertwined


4) Christina Perri

These songs make me cry for sure. There’s not much else to say about them. The Words, Sea of Lovers, One Night, Be My Forever


5) Ingrid Michaelson

She’s cute, and the songs make you want to dance and daydream about the future. Listen to: You and I, The Way I Am, Corner of Your Heart, Incredible Love


6) Kehlani

She’s not appreciated enough. She’s not just featured in other people’s songs, she has her own, too. Honey is my new jam.


7) Hayley Kiyoko, of course

What would we do without Lesbian Jesus? Expectations as an album is a whole mood; it’s all about longing for that girl that you can’t get out of your head. Listen to: Feelings, Sleepover, Mercy/Gatekeeper, Molecules, Wanna Be Missed


Happy listening!


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