5 Songs That Make Me Feel Like I Should Be Sitting in a Coffee Shop Waiting for a Cute Girl to Invite Herself to my Table but in Reality I’m Staring Listlessly at my Ceiling and Wondering How I’ve Wasted All of My Potential

Music—if there’s a mood to be experienced, there is a song to reflect it. As someone who prides herself in specializing in experiencing highly specific emotional states, I can appreciate this. Here are some good songs to reflect on if you ever find yourself in a position like the one in the article title.


1) the girl i haven’t met by kudasai



This song makes me feel like I’m on the verge of a big revelation, something world-changing—and I would get there, if only I could stop drifting my line of sight to the girl across the room. Or maybe that girl across the room has already left, and I’m staring at the vacant space in the drywall she left, wondering if I missed my cue to go over to her and start something new. If I even need to be concerning myself with a relationship right now. If I even need anyone at all. There’s something about the way that the track fades in and out that really picks at a vulnerable part of me.


2) seeing your name makes me happy by burbank



This is the song that reverberates wildly in my chest when I see a cute girl. And also, apparently, at 2 AM.


3) Cool With You by Her’s



A song that emphasizes the beauty of a woman and consent? That’s definitely cool with me. This song makes me feel like I’m on a coffee shop stage, strumming my acoustic guitar approximately three million times before ever actually opening my mouth to sing, but that’s somehow enough to captivate a girl at the corner table, who’s definitely finished with her coffee but sticking around for whatever reason…


4) winter bokeh by idealism and jinsang



There’s the beginnings of a snow storm outside, one that I’m woefully unprepared for, and I sit at my table with my laptop and mug, resolving to keep ordering more coffee until the worst of the storm has passed. For a change, I’ve forgotten my charger, and my laptop is sitting at fifty percent with half of an unfinished essay staring at me, daring me to complete it before the clock strikes 1%. That’s when she walks in. She’s covered in blizzard, and the warmth of the coffee shop is forcing it all to roll off of her coat and melt onto the floor in tiny droplets, like water off of a duck’s back. She approaches the barista, and I let my eyes dart away from her for just a second to look at the rest of the cafe—every table is full. Mine has an empty chair that I push slightly forward with my foot, hoping to make it look more inviting.


Please sit with me, please sit with me, please sit with me.


5) Ultimately by Khai Dreams



My girlfriend sits across the table from me, and she’s taken a sudden interest in her coffee. She makes minute movements with her hands to tilt the mug back and forth, and the coffee sloshes gently back and forth, a gentle java ocean. We’ve decided to give our relationship another go, but the air is heavy—we both know it just isn’t going to work. So why do we stay? Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? I try to remember the day when she first walked into the cafe for my answer—and that memory, too, I’m starting to realize, I have long forgotten.


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