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15 More Literally “Incredible” Tinder Pick Up Lines

Happy swiping guys and gals! I’ve got even more Tinder pick up lines for you all! This time, we have four amazing girls who have volunteered their favorite (or least favorite) one-liners. Let’s jump right into it.


1.     The Subtle Send Nudes Pick up Line


Why couldn’t this guy be bold enough to just ask for nudes? He really tried to be a gentleman even though he clearly had ulterior motives.


2.     The Asian Pick Up Line



This guy went and commented on race. And he even made it weird by saying he doesn’t usually go for Asians. Why not? All girls are beautiful dude, and you should see this.


3.     The Guy with a Dog Pick Up Line

I can attest to the fact that this guy’s dog was very cute, but he is taking advantage of his poor puppy to meet chicks because he doesn’t think he can do it on his own. Such a shame.



4.     The Proposal Pick Up Line


This guy was obviously feeling the love of Valentine’s Day if he was willing to pop the question to a girl he literally knows nothing about.


5.     The Questioning Pick Up Line

This guy must need glasses, because I don’t know how he thinks that I look worried about a soda can. Maybe he was trying to be funny.


6.     The I Need Money Pick Up Line


I wonder what this guy was buying. I mean, if he needed a dime, he probably could have just asked the person in line behind him.


7.     The Drummer Pick Up Line


Of course I would love to learn how to play the drums! Oh wait, or is he referring to sex? Why can’t he just say that?


8.     The Wannabee Juggler Pick Up Line


How original dude. Of course you would use this line on a juggler. He’ll be juggling his own balls if he doesn’t get better lines.


9.     The Guy that Asks for Help with his Pick Up Line


This guy wanted to know what makes us women tick. Sadly, it’s not this.


10.  The Shoppers Pick Up Line


This guy knows that the way to a woman’s heart is food. A weird question, but I can’t find fault with it. Except it’s a direct rip-off of a Tinder pick up line used in a popular Netflix sitcom.


11.  The Music Lovers Pick Up Line


Of course I would love to see a band! Or be in one? Or maybe you should learn to spell check if you’re asking a girl to have sex.


12.  The Titanic Pick Up Line


I don’t think jokes about death are funny. I’m sorry, but this one was not good at all. And he wasn’t nearly as good-looking as Leonardo DiCaprio.


13.  The Options Pick Up Line


Another guy that tries to let the woman choose. If only his answers didn’t involve him.


14.  The New “Netflix and Chill” Pick Up Line


This guy is quite creative. It’s a shame if the girl doesn’t know that Fortnite is a game and thinks it means two weeks.


15.  The Desperate Guy’s Pick Up Line


Getting to know a guy on Tinder is what the app is for, but not all at once. And the poor guy realized that.


These guys really need to step up their games!


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