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12 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Psychology Majors

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Geneseo chapter.

Listen here, psychology majors. We all know that you just clicked on this article so you could avoid studying for another couple minutes. Worse yet, you’re outlining in your head the exact neural processes that are causing you to become distracted, which you’re definitely counting as studying. It’s not, and you know it—you literally just took an exam on attention last week. Go back to your textbooks and get back to me when you’re done.


And if you’re not a psychology major, welcome! Psychology is a land of stress, exams, research, and convincing yourself you have the symptoms of every illness you’ve ever read about. Try to remember us around the holidays—we’re studying too hard to remember that there even are holidays.




1) “Bobo Doll” Sticker ($2.81-$6.74)



Perfect for flirting with even the densest of psych majors in your life.


2) A Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment test ($49.95)



They’ll complain at you for a while about how Myers-Briggs tests are scientifically invalid and the product of failed Jungian reasoning, but secretly know that it’s human nature for them to want to fit into a neat little category (those required courses they were forced to take in Sociology finally came in handy!).


3) The contractually obligated Freud mention ($20.15)



Only nineties kids psychology majors will understand.


4) And yet another Freud joke ($20.00)


Because those never get old when you’re a psych major.


5) Carl Jung Finger Puppet ($8.99)



The next psychologist everyone goes to when they want to seem too smart for Freud but still don’t have any idea what the hell they’re talking about.


6) Serotonin Molecule Necklace ($29.00)



To give your psych major something to clench on every time someone calls their field a “soft science”.


7) Stroop Effect Mug ($12.43)



There isn’t a psych major alive who didn’t learn about the Stroop effect and immediately try to train themselves into “beating” it.


8) “You Can’t Fix Crazy, You Can Only Document It” Mug ($10.99)


Decades worth of research and some very angry behavioral therapists would disagree, but nice sentiment.


9) “Am I Normal?” Card Game ($11.77)


A question that your psych major has probably asked themselves more than once thanks to their intimate relationship with the human brain, now in card game form!


10) Knock Knock Self Therapy Pad ($7.70)



Psychotherapy is largely discredited, but sometimes it’s nice to kick back on a chaise longue and speculate as to how your parents ruined you.


11) tDCS System ($170)



What psych major wouldn’t want the power of neuromodulation at their fingertips?


12) Human Brain Art Print ($24.50)



Because no matter what niche of psychology someone goes into, there’s something we can all agree on—nothing is more beautiful than the human brain.

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Jessica Bansbach is a junior psychology major who has more campus club memberships than fingers and toes. In her spare time, if she's forgotten that she's a college student that has more pressing matters to attend to (like, say, studying), she enjoys video games, thrift shopping, and ruminating. She was elected "funniest in group" by her summer camp counselor when she was nine and has since spent the next eleven years trying to live up to the impossible weight of that title.
Victoria Cooke is a Senior History and Adolescence Education major with a Women's and Gender Studies minor at SUNY Geneseo. Apart from being an editor and the founder of Her Campus at Geneseo, she is also the co-president of Voices for Planned Parenthood and a Curator for TEDxSUNYGeneseo. Her passions include feminism, reading, advocating for social justice, and crafting. In the future, she hopes to inspire the next generation of history nerds and activists.