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Your {Relaxing} Holiday Bucket List

You have a lot to do during the holiday season. Parties to attend, gifts to wrap, and you promised mom you’d take charge of the dessert department. What’s a girl to do?

Breathe, and make sure you still get all of your favorite things done this Christmastime. Yes, you’re obligated to go to Aunt Gertrud’s, but you need to prioritize yourself as well! Here is your {relaxing} holiday bucket list.

1. Movie night

Are you a fan of The Grinch? Or maybe The Santa Clause is more of your jam. Either way, put down your phone – yes, turn off the ringer – get in your jammies, and start heating up the hot chocolate (with a candy cane, duh) for a night to unwind from the chaos of the season.

2. Baking day

Mom would be the happiest camper if you spent the day making cookies. Don’t have a full day? No worries. Designate a few hours without technology, worry, or a to-do list, and bake some cookies dangit!

3. Christmas lights

Some may love Zoo Lights, but have you noticed the traffic getting into those attractions? A simple walk around a festive neighborhood can have the same effect, and you don’t have to wait in line for a holiday picture. Pack that hot chocolate to go and take a stroll. Whether it’s by yourself or with a cutie pie of your choosing, it’s sure to be holiday moment to treasure.

4. Get away

Literally, take a hike. Or, if that’s not your thing, get out of your city/town and be somewhere else. Even if it’s just a coffee shop in a nearby town, getting out of your normal little holiday bubble can be a breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s an art exhibit in a place where no one will recognize you, or climbing a mountain to gain a new perspective – either way, your brain (and to-do list) will thank you. Take the time to get away, even if it’s just for the day.

5. Christmas program

No, not the Christmas program at your church that you’re responsible for the costumes for, but a Christmas program that you can just be present for. Singing Christmas trees, children’s programs, or a reading of the Christmas story…still go to your home church’s presentation, but hit up a nativity scene that allows you to just observe. Breathe, and take in the reason for the season.

Christmas is a busy time of year, and how often do we find ourselves exhausted after the holidays have died down? We shouldn’t be too tired to appreciate the season of thanks that we have just experienced – we ought to be peaceful, able to truly enjoy the Christmas season. You’ve got stuff to do, and unfortunately I can’t erase your tasks fully. But I encourage you to prioritize – you don’t have to do it all. Make sure you take the time to breathe, relax, and for Heaven’s sake, enjoy this to-do list! 

My roots are in Oregon, my school is in Arizona (Go Lopes Baby!) and my future is spread across the globe.
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