A Wrap Up of the Must See Movies Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break finally arrived which meant a week without tests, papers, and hopefully without stress! For some, the break can be exactly what is needed, time to go home and indulge in home cooked meals with their families, bickering with younger siblings and for some, hopefully relish in the time where they have their own rooms back! The break for some individuals could leave little to no time left for much else other than visiting family and friends but for others, this may be a time where they are not kept up with tons of school work and finally have some time to socialize! In either case a great way to involve the family and get out there and do something was going to see a new movie! The break was a great time to go grab friends and head to the nearest theater, pockets full of snacks, and veins filled with sugar and excitement! Movies are a wonderful way to bring people together, whether it be through laughter or tears it leaves the audience feeling connected after the story they just watched. Go grab a date and check out some of the best new movies that came out!        


Movie #1: Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

So, almost everyone has heard about the remake of the Grinch coming out and although it only got a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes it is still an all-time classic. This movie is one to choose when looking to get in that holiday spirit! Since it was just released last week it is a shoe in for an all-out family get together, perfect for all ages from the littlest sister to the college girl who is home for the break!

Movie #2: Instant Family

Scoring a 74% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is a shoe in for a great laugh and a day to get connected with the family. Mark Wahlberg takes on yet another dad role in this classic! A young couple decides to take in a foster child and ends up with three! Being out of their league, they learn to tackle the good days with the bad and find out what family really means! This one is definitely going to be not only a good laugh, but it might even have the audience shedding a tear or two! Rated PG-13, it might be a better move to gather the older siblings and take a day out on the town!

Movie #3: Creed II

Creed is back and ready for the championship. The first movie, Creed, focused on Adonis Creed’s life and how he found Rocky Balboa and they managed to maneuver their way through the fighting world and was quite the hit, will the second one live up to the expectations? Well, since it does not release till the 21st of November there were a couple days to determine if the hype is worth it! This movie is taking it back to the basics and going through the trials that got them there in the first place. Grab your best gals or even a cute date back home and head to see where life leads Adonis Creed!