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Why You Should Watch Netflix’s “A Week Away”

The Camp Rock-esque Christian summer camp movie will have you singing all summer long. If you have not  already, the breathtaking new Netflix Original “A Week Away” is a must watch. Reaching the top ten in the United States on the popular streaming platform within hours of release, the movie has sparked Tik Tok dancing challenges and dinner table discussions. The movie was released just last month on March 26, 2021 and features famous child stars, Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn. 

Bailee Madison grew up in the film industry surrounded by Hollywood superstars and self-indulgence, starring in films and TV shows such as Bridge to Terabithia, The Fosters, Parental Guidance, Drake and Josh, and more. Although she grew up in Hollywood, she stayed grounded in her belief in God and what He has for her in her life. 

Along with her secular films, Bailee Madison was able to incorporate Christian films within her work. In an interview for the movie “I am Second” that was released in 2008, she reflected that if you have God in your life, despite struggles and hard times, He is always watching over you.  

The movie follows an orphaned troubled teen, Will Hawkins. He had been in and out of twenty-two foster homes and stole a cop car, thus facing him at a crossroad of going to juvenile detention or attending a Christian summer camp. As soon as he exits the bus, Will spots Avery joyfully singing and dancing with her fellow campers. Being the camp director’s daughter, she grew up living and breathing everything Camp Aweegaway. Like at any good summer camp, there is competition happening between the campers. They are divided up into teams called the Azure Apostles, Crimson Angeles, and Verdes Maximus.  

To impress Avery, Will coheiress George’s help to cover up his less than perfect past and he promises to help his friend win the heart to his own camp crush. Smooth talking Will wins Avery’s heart, but the secrets of his past are revealed through camp gossip. What will happen when Will’s secrets are revealed? 

The Contemporary Christian band, For KING & COUNTRY, collaborated with the film to produce the campfire scene. During the campfire scene, the campers sing along to an “Our God is an Awesome God” and “God Only Knows” mashup. Powerfully moved by the spiritually led worship, Will gets emotionally transformed from the tight-knit community that was built at Camp Aweegaway. 

Will faces a personal fight to find truth about salvation for himself. Witnessing fellow campers come to Christ, allowed Will to dive deeper into his personal relationship with God. The film is inspiring and appropriate for all ages to enjoy, perfect for a family summer movie night. 

When reflecting on her part in the film, Bailee Madison posted on Twitter saying, “We are so excited to welcome you to our camp! Oh, so grateful to have co-produced this, to be a part of this story and to finally share my love for singing and dancing with all of you.” As co-producer and lead actress, Madison wrote on Instagram that the mission of the film was to touch someone’s life and let them feel loved. 

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