Why "This Is Us" is so Relatable

In 2020, people are always looking for a new show to watch and are searching for one with authenticity. One of the more recent shows to come to fruition that has men and women tearing up all over the world is none other than, This Is Us. The show deals with topics that are extremely relevant and relatable to people of all ages. Literally all ages. From birth to old age, This Is Us exhibits the ups and downs of living a real life. In a social media focused world, we all search for something genuine. People want to talk to a genuine person, see a genuine photograph, snapchat, anything! Life as we know it has become filtered more than ever before. Human interaction is rarely on a natural filter that shows peoples’ true colors. Now, over half the time men and women interact face-to-face and virtually with a filter that is slightly tinted in hopes that it will give them a slight fake tan to help them fit in, and ultimately conform to the social norm of faking it and putting on a good face. 

Now, how does that relate to a TV show? I’m so glad you asked! If you’ve seen the show, you probably have a good guess. However, whether or not you have seen it, I encourage you to read on to uncover the beauty of the authenticity of This Is Us. 

Disclaimer: If you do not want to be spoiled in the slightest of what the characters experience in the show, you have been warned that part of each characters’ journey will be revealed.

The authenticity of the show boils down to the characters and the trials they all face. The show revolves around the Pearson family. Jack and Rebecca are the parents and their children are Kevin, Kate, and Randall. What is so unique about the show is that it shows this family’s story dating back to before Jack and Rebecca were married, all the way till characters are on their deathbed. For the majority, the show occurs when the three children are in their late thirties. So, the timeline alone of the show gives each character a vast background, providing the audience with tangible characters. If that doesn’t prove authenticity, here is a breakdown of each character and what makes them so real.

1. Kevin

“Can’t you see that I’m in pain? I just need somebody to help me” (Kevin Pearson). 

Kevin Pearson is an actor. Let me rephrase that. Kevin Pearson is a struggling actor who is constantly battling his own self-concept, seeking approval from others, questioning his worth, and debating if he is deserving of love. On the outside, Kevin is a smoking hot celebrity who has it all together, but on the inside, he deals with internal conflict that pretty much everyone can relate to on some level. There is comfort in knowing that someone else that looks like they have it all together is human too; a human who experiences pain and who does not overcome that pain with one pep talk.

2. Kate 

Kate’s character has one of the most relevant struggles that both men and women experience today. She wrestles with body image, and her perception of herself affects her relationships with others. She questions if her love interest still loves her or if he will leave her for another woman who is sexier or more fit. She wonders if people give her special treatment because of her weight, or if her worth is being defined by a number. While that should never be the case, Kate is fooled into the lie that her weight is what defines her, and so many individuals today face that same lie.

3. Randall

Randall is a husband to a beautiful wife, has amazing children, and a well-paying job. His character is the best at putting on a face for the crowd and letting his tension, stress, and anxiety build up until he completely breaks down. He deals with anxiety with a side of the occasional panic attack and breakdown. 


4. Jack and Rebecca

Jack and Rebecca’s love story is a beautiful one and almost too romantic to be true. But underneath all of that, married life is not as lovely as a picture on Instagram makes it appear. Jack and Rebecca love each other dearly and unconditionally; however, they do fight and doubt the strength of their own marriage. 


These character descriptions are only hitting the surface of the kind of topics This Is Us brings to the table. Issues like loss, illness, divorce, rejection, discrimination, and many more real topics are brought up in the television drama. If you are looking for a TV show that will cut the act and portray real life in real people, watch This Is Us. I promise, you will cry out of genuine empathy for each character.