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Why Do Christmas Lights Make Us Happy?

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I get so excited once Christmas time/the holiday season rolls around. The cooler weather that lets me escape from the hot Arizona sun, winter break and time off of school, holiday food and Christmas parties, and quality time with family- I love it! However, out of everything, my favorite part of the season would have to be the beautiful Christmas-themed lights. Holiday lights illuminate my heart with their bright colors, the way they can twinkle and dance, and the countless images or ways they can be arranged. Holiday lights scratch my brain, dazzle my eyes, and make me feel happy because of how pretty they are. But, have you ever stared at a Christmas tree and wondered, is there a deeper reason as to why society loves and cherishes them so much?  

They are tied to fun activities

With countless activities to do around the holidays, many of them revolve around Christmas lights and the premise of bright illuminations. For example, the local neighborhoods around me have contests as to which house has the best light display. People in the community drive or walk past people’s homes and gaze at their decorations. They can vote for their favorite houses as well, and the winner gets a gift card or some sort of incentive reward. It is a big deal in my town!

Also, there are other organized activities to do in Phoenix that revolve around lights, such as ZooLights, or a drive-through light show called the World of Illumination. Not to mention, most stores or shopping centers have brightly decorated Christmas trees. It is no secret that people love lights due to the increase and popularity of these related activities. 

They increase your Mood

According to a psychologist named Dr. Deborah Senari, Senari claims that “the bright lights and colors… increase energy and boost happiness.” So, society and people associate bright colors with happiness and comfort, especially during the holidays. The winter months lead to it being darker outside as well because of a reduction in how long the sun is out during the day. This relates to conditions such as seasonal depression, and explains why people get sad in the winter months due to the lack of sun. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the reasons why lights are so popular during Christmas time is due to the way they brighten people’s moods. 

They Bring People Together

Holiday lights resemble a “coming together”. They bring people closer literally and figuratively. Families, friends, and strangers alike can enjoy lights. People bond and clash over the pretty displays that can spark conversation. As mentioned earlier, many activities involve Christmas lights and decorations which people can enjoy together. The holiday season is already focused on relationships, and the presence of lights helps make it easier to connect with the ones you love. 

Christmas lights, or just light in general, are gorgeous. Whether it be color-changing LED strips, Christmas displays, or simply sunshine, we can all benefit from some light in our lives.