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What is Most Important About the New Year

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.” – Luke 12:6-7

As 2019 gradually begins, many have high expectations to get their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state back in order after the rumbling holidays. It is easy to fall into the emotional state of not being good enough or well-equipped for what the new year has to offer. However, no matter where you may be in your life in the beginning of 2019, it is vital to know your worth as an individual as well as a daughter of your heavenly Father.

If you began 2019 by overwhelming yourself with the inevitable and stressful new year resolutions, there are steps to realign your mindset for a positive and fulfilling new year!

Take a deep breath…and remind yourself to take baby steps.

Sometimes I forget to take a breather when my day (or life) gets a little overwhelming. As a result of this, it is easy for me to lose control of my emotional state. So, I encourage you all to take a deep breath and gradually start the new year with finishing the projects/tasks that are in front of you. Our drive to succeed wants us to finish our goals in a quick manner; yet we do not realize that it takes patience, dedication, and drive to complete our goals successfully. That said, begin small and be dedicated to the small goals before the big goals come around.

Enjoy the moment, NOW

Planning ahead for 2019 is a good habit to have especially when it comes to the anticipating spring and summer vacation spots or applying for internships, summer jobs, and next semester classes. As the yearly cycle continues, 2019 is another reminder to enjoy the moment before the year ends in 11 months. As young adults, we want to have a successful life once we receive our bachelor degrees, but we are distracted by the social construct of working too hard where we lose ourselves in the process of receiving our education. When we do this, we contemplate to gain back the time we would have enjoyed while we were striving to have the whole “adult life” together. So before we make that mistake, let’s make it a mission to enjoy the moments now: take pictures (even the silly ones), go on spontaneous trips, and love hard without looking back. No is the time to live while we are young, because the reality is that we will not have these amazing times again when we age.

YOU are loved

What a blessing it is to feel and know that we are loved by our Heavenly Father as well as our family and friends around us. When we begin to accept this truth, miraculous things begin to happen: your face begins to glow, your smile shines brighter, your eyes twinkle, and your hair sways with the wind perfectly. How amazing is that? You are a wonderful creation and do not let anyone steal the worth you have as a young, intelligent, talented, and beautiful young woman. Embrace the love from your Heavenly Father so you can project that love for those around you. That is the beauty you possess, giving the love you cherish to those who need it. Begin this new year by fully embracing the fact that you are loved so your year will begin and end with love.

Hello! I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I am a junior at Grand Canyon University while majoring in Communications with a double minor in professional writing, and marketing. As a young woman, I am looking forward to making new experiences where I can learn and grow.
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