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As we inch towards summer, we look forward to spending more time with old friends and family. However, the reality of summer for most of us is work. Whether you take summer classes, start an internship, or work an old hometown job, everyone needs a way to decompress from the long days. For many people, that way is binging a good show, and there is no shortage to choose from. Here are some TV shows to binge when you need to relax over the summer!

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most highly praised and bingeable series of the last decade. Nearly every episode ends with a little cliffhanger, especially in season 1, and many mysteries are unfolded throughout the entire series. As a viewer, you are never bored or disinterested in the larger plot because it continues to grow and build to climatic moments that will have you cheering and crying. There are only four seasons now, with a final fifth one on the way, making it a more manageable show to binge.

The Mandalorian

Arguably the most popular Star Wars show, The Mandalorian is a binge-worthy show for its incredible cinematography, unique world-building, and, of course, Baby Yoda. Watched and approved by Pedro Pascal fans, this show keeps viewers entertained with action and heart. This show is worth a binge for any Star Wars fan, committed or casual. There are only three seasons currently, with a potential fourth on the way, and the lore only gets deeper with each one.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

This summer-release series has had the entire internet in a chokehold for the past few years. It is both a fun coming-of-age story about teenagers navigating young love and family tragedy and a classic love triangle. Move aside Bella, Edward, and Jacob; kids today are Team Belly, Jeremiah, or Conrad! Jokes aside, this series lets its viewers embrace the summer aesthetic. It is an ongoing series with only two seasons out currently.


This is the most commitment-heavy series on this list, with over 15 seasons. Despite nearly two decades of content, the heart of the show remains the brotherly bond that the two main leads have. There are many filler episodes (and some could argue filler seasons), but the show remains a highly-rated and binged show every year. One of its strengths is that it does not require watching from the beginning or end to understand the plot line. I recommend seasons 1-3 to those willing to test this show out, but if you want a show to binge, over 327 episodes await your summer plans!

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is perhaps the most consistently praised series of all time. From the first episode to the final, people have not run out of compliments to shower the production, actors, and plot. The show invests the audience in the interpersonal conflicts of the main characters, leaving viewers breathless with every development. There are five seasons for this completed series, making it a slightly larger but still manageable binge.

Comedy Series

These are some series that are not too heavy on plot but certainly are on the laughs and humor. These are more background noise shows, but they remain cult classics for their timeless jokes and the genuine friendships of the casts. If you want a show you can have in the background and still vaguely understand what is happening without intense watching, consider The Office, Parks & Rec, or Friends.

Animated Series & Anime

Most people do not think animated series have strong enough plots to become binge-able, but numerous animated series have plots and characters that leave viewers hanging on the edge of their seats. Avatar: The Last Airbender boasts a massive fanbase with its epic fight scenes, clean 2D animation, and balance of humor and serious topics. Gravity Falls is a surprising blend of mindless humor and slapstick comedy that evolves into an actual plot with major consequences. The show shocks its viewers with its seemingly surface-level plot that thrusts its viewers into a world of deep lore and action. There are several anime shows that many find binge-worthy, such as Attack on Titan and Death Note. Anime shows are notorious for their long-extended plots and year-long character developments, so if you are looking for a long-running animated show to binge, there are hundreds of anime to choose from.

Mature Series

Some of the most recommended and binge-able shows do have more mature content, but if you can stomach the gore and sexual nature of these shows, they have incredible character development and commentaries on the state of the modern world. Game of Thrones hooks its viewers from the first season. While viewers have been known to fall off during season 8, I recommend watching until season 7 at least. Similarly, the satirical humor of The Boys poking fun at corporations and huge franchises makes the show a bit more lighthearted in a gritty and dark superhero world.

These are only a handful of potential shows you could binge over the summer, so find the type that itches your brain during the more monotonous summer months. Or better yet, join up with some friends and binge shows together! Happy watching!

Leah is a junior at Grand Canyon University, studying pre-law with minors in professional writing and worship. She loves to read, write, and travel to different cities to experience all types of culture. She can often be found listening to movie soundtracks with a good book at a local coffee shop.