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belly and conrad playing basketball on the boardwalk in the summer i turned pretty season 2
belly and conrad playing basketball on the boardwalk in the summer i turned pretty season 2
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Traveling to Phoenix for The Final Four? Here Are Some Must Go Spots!

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In case you didn’t know, the NCAA basketball championship (the final four) takes place in the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona this year. Plan on traveling and staying for the week/weekend? Here are some cool places in Phoenix to check out on in your downtime. 

The Free Concert

In honor of March Madness coming to a close, there will be a music festival taking place in Hance Park from April 5-7th. Admission to the concerts is free, and artists such as The Jonas Brothers, Reneé Rapp, and The Black Keys will be performing! Parking will be limited however, and the nearby garages will be expected to fill up fast. If possible, walking or rideshare will be the best alternative to avoid the stress of driving and parking. 

Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Art Museum is a wonderful place with three floors of amazing art, a novelty gift shop, and a limited-time Barbie exhibit! It is a perfect place to get lost for hours and enjoy all of the beautiful art, scenery, and different pieces the museum has to offer. They also have a student discount!

Heard Museum

Arizona is home to many Indigenous Tribes throughout the state. The Phoenix Heard Museum is a collective of art, sculpture/pottery, stories, and the rich history of the local Native Tribes. It is a wonderful place to to learn about all of the history, and see the pretty works. They also have student discounts and free admission for members of federally recognized tribes!

Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco has place has the best pizza I have ever tried to be honest. Also, they have many locations throughout Phoenix. In fact, they are based out of Arizona! The pizza is local, freshly made, and delicious. They do not take reservations, however, so do plan accordingly – tables fill up fast.

Castles and Coasters

Castles and Coasters is a fun roller coaster park off Dunlap and the I-17, just a few miles away from Downtown Phoenix. They have many thrilling attractions/roller coasters, mini golf, food, and an arcade. March in Phoenix is especially nice for the weather – if you are looking for something to do in between games, Castles and Coasters is the way to go!

There are various activities and places to go in Phoenix, as well as the whole state of Arizona. These are a few of my personal favorites I have been to recently! I encourage you to go to one of these places to have the same great experiences I did.