Tips for Staying Stress Free During Finals

It’s just about that time where the sun is starting to shine and it’s feeling more and more like summer as the days go by.  Unfortunately, as the sunshine begins to appear, so does the stress looming around finals week. This week is undoubtedly the most stressful week for any college student because it is so easy to let yourself get swept away in all the studying and assignments. With only one week separating you from your classes and summer break, the struggle can be real trying to find the motivation to finish off strong. This being said, here are some of my favorite things I do to keep my stress levels to a minimum while still putting in work.

  1. Organize & Prioritize

This first tip is definitely crucial in minimizing stress while also maintaining productivity. I personally do this by sitting down Sunday night and scheduling every little thing that needs to be done in the upcoming week. Not only does this provide a visual that you can keep referring to during the week, it also allows you to prioritize what needs to be done first and what could wait. I love this system because I will never miss out on an opportunity to hang out with friends, so when I am writing out my schedule ahead of time I keep room open so things can be moved around in case something comes up. I recommend physically writing out your list, because then you can get the satisfaction of crossing things off once the tasks are complete. Another tip is color coding it! It makes it a little more visually pleasing and also more fun to write out.

  1. Create an Environment that Works for You

Another important tip to reduce your stress level is to make sure you have a comfortable environment to do your work. Make sure it is in a place you can concentrate and that there are minimal distractions present. Everyone is different, so just find an environment that works the best for you. The library is a great place to get loads of work done, but also there is something about the comfort of studying in your own room. Also, try listening to video game soundtracks while doing your work! They are made with the intent to get you to focus on the task at hand, so use this to your advantage and listen while studying or doing homework. My personal favorite for the past few years has been Sims 2: University soundtrack, it is super calming and helps me focus like no other!

  1. Use your Resources!

Many (if not all) schools offer some sort of tutoring program, and it is usually for free. Use these centers to review concepts you are struggling with and get help from someone who is knowledgeable in that subject. Or if that is not your jam, organize a study group with some classmates! This will this help you to not procrastinate as well as also provide some socialization if you have been spending most of your time doing your studying alone. Also, the Internet is a vast and beautiful place where you can often find simplified explanations on any topic you are concerned about. If you are stuck on something, there are so many things you could do to get yourself out of the rut.  

  1. Take Time for Yourself

Out of all the tips provided, this is arguably the most important. You cannot expect to do amazing during your finals week if you put your mental health on the back burner and ignore your personal needs. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and not spending all day locked up in your room or getting too caught up in assignments and forgetting to eat. Go outside, grab lunch with a friend, or watch and episode or two of your favorite show on Netflix. Never forget to treat your body kindly so it can do the same for you.

Everyone is different, but these have been the tips that have kept my stress to a minimum these past few years. With all this being said, it is important is to find what works with you and to just go from there. Study hard and good luck on your finals everybody!