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As hard as it was for all of us to get here, none of us Mohave could have done it without help. Our parents, teachers, family, significant others, friends, God, and so many other people gave us the support that we needed to thrive. From helping us on those endless nights of homework, to hanging out with us for fun days on weekends, to the days where you didn’t feel like trying anymore. 


To teachers for making an impact on all of our lives whether they were great teachers or not. To all the teachers that treated us like their own kids and went out of there to make sure that we were okay, or that noticed when something is wrong.  Even if a teacher left a bad impression on you, you will never forget what that teacher said or did and used it as motivation to prove them wrong. To all the teachers that still keep in contact with us to just see how we are doing. 


To our significan others who lifted us up and told us that we could do it, even when they tried to bring us down and taught us a hard lesson. Thank you to all the past significant others who either helped us by pushing our limits to better ourselves or those who made us learn a hard lesson in letting go when they hold you back. To the ones who made you feel like you can do anything you believe in or the ones who told you that you would be nothing because you did everything in your power to prove them wrong.  



To our families who were always there asking us when are we going to get our life together.


To our friends, past and present, for making us the person we are today. 


To our moms who had to deal with our attitude on a daily basis. The ones who took us shopping for our dumb seventh grade school dance dress when we really didn’t want to go. To the moms who held us when the “love of our lives” dumped us. To the moms who put a bandaid on all those cut up knees from when we thought we were a cool skater girl. To staying up with us all night because we couldn’t sleep because of something irrelevant now. For being there for hours upon end during practices, telling us to just try again. 


For all of our dads who sat us down at the kitchen table and wouldn’t let you leave until you finish your math homework, who picked us when we fell, who told us it’s okay to not be perfect and that we deserve to be treated that princesses and that we can become anything in the world. Just remember that this was not only our dream to go to college, but it was all of our parents dreams to see us be a successful adult. 




Most importantly, to God who has our whole life planned out before we even hit snooze on our alarm for the 10th time. As much as we’d like to say was got here ourselves, none of us could do any of this without Him in our lives nagging us, pushing us, and supporting us. Thank you to God for pushing my limits, challenging me, and giving me hope when I had none. God does not work on your time, he is working on his own time and he knows exactly when you need him. As hard as it is for us to trust in him when we are getting overwhelmed, God knows how much we can handle.

Brenna is originally from southern California right smack in the middle of LA and San Diego. She is a biology major with a minor in psychology. She is a freshman and is super excited to see what God has in plan for her for the future. One of her biggest goals for the future is to try everything that she is scared of at least once.
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