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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

Whether it’s jumping off a cliff or deciding whether you want to change majors, take the leap.

1. Trust Yourself

If you could just do one thing in your life, you should trust yourself. Trust in your own experiences to learn what makes you feel safe or not. Cliff jumping is an amazing way to find out if you trust your gut. This is because it helps you understand your fight or flight response. Are you one to watch others jump? Or are you one willing to take the risk and jump. Of course, remember to be safe while jumping off a cliff into the ocean or lake. You’ve already learned how to trust yourself with your decision and/or with your future career goals. That’s taking the leap. That’s trusting yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. 


2. Just Do It

When cliff jumping, you need to decide beforehand if you want to jump or not. This will help your process flow versus causing more agitation. The reason I say this is because once you are on top of the cliff you start to become anxious and doubting your abilities. This is the same as when we try to take a leap of faith on other aspects in our lives as well. Whether it is deciding on what we want to do with our lives or even deciding if we want to cut our bangs for the fourth time. Embracing the action and committing to it, allows for confidence to flow through you and you will ultimately love yourself for it. I just went cliff jumping two weekends’ ago, and it was AMAZING (see https://www.instagram.com/p/B2-rMkSnvae/ for a clip of my experience)! I literally just ran out and jumped. It was amazing to just let go and take the leap. I took the plunge into the freezing ice-cold water, which was bone-chilling. I still have no regrets. I loved that I went and achieved a bucket list opportunity with amazing people. I tend to do things without thinking about it and I can say, I’ve gotten so many great memories from doing it. My life isn’t perfect, but it is filled with perfect memories that will last a lifetime. 


3. Don’t Regret

You hear a lot of parents or even grandparents telling us college students not to regret any adventures we face during our college years. This is TRUE! Why would you want to go through the best time of your youth to regret those choices in the end? When taking a leap of faith, you need to trust your gut that you are making the best decision of your life. It is YOUR life. YOUR decisions. YOUR life passions. Not anyone else’s, because they won’t be living every day in your life – only you will. 

Learn how to trust yourself, do all the experiences you’ve wanted to do, and don’t regret them. This is a wonderful time in our lives where we can just jump off cliffs with no care or worry. Therefore, you should take that leap of faith. Trust in yourself and live a better life by taking a little leap of faith filled with great memories.

Joy is currently studying Behavioral Health Science at Grand Canyon University and plans on becoming a motivational speaker. She lives by the moto: Try everything once, which has allowed her to sky dive, kayak, explore caves, cross country ski, rock climb, and more.
A sophomore Communications major at GCU who is passionate about Jesus, writing, watching Netflix, and taking long walks to the campus Chick-Fil-A.