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Disclaimer: Stampedes have since returned to GCBC before publishing this article, but with the frequency of Stampede shortages, our team feels that this is still a necessary and beneficial article.

Nearly two months since Grand Canyon Brewing Company ran out of Stampedes, the incredibly popular GCBC branded energy drink, I’ve had to come up with some creative solutions to get my daily caffeine fix. As someone who doesn’t drink coffee but needs an extra boost to tackle early classes and time-consuming assignments, the loss of Stampedes has been a personal one. If you’re wondering what to order instead, here are some of my alternate orders and caffeine dupes to tide you through.

Lemonade Dupe

A cheaper, refreshing alternative to a stampede is to get your typical order but as a lemonade instead. While there is a glaring lack of caffeine in this option, they are one of the cheaper things to order on the menu and taste similar enough if you close your eyes and pretend. I tend to rotate through the flavors I get, with so many flavor options to pick from, but I’ve found a mango strawberry lemonade is a yummy treat. With all the dining dollars you’d save going this route, you’ll be able to celebrate the eventual return of stampedes with a large size!

Energy Drink Dupe

The standard-sized stampede has 160 mg of caffeine, which is comparable to the caffeine found in a 16 oz. can of Monster Energy. Another good alternative, Redbull 8 oz. has 90 mg of caffeine, and a Celsius which has around 200. Since stampedes are just a combination of energy drinks and syrup, it’s simple enough to replicate through the purchase of your energy drink of choice and a favorite flavor of syrup. GCBC uses 1883 Maison Routin syrup in their drinks, while Dutch Bros, the popular competitor for the chain, uses Torani. Combining some flavored lemonade from GCBC with your favorite energy drink is another good way to mimic the sweetness of a stampede without as much caffeine!

Dutch Bros Dupe

For a few more dollars than a stampede, you can go to the nearest Dutch Bros for a similar, cheerful drink experience. While there are unfortunately not many locations within 10 minutes of campus, their drinks are a bit higher quality than GCBC and the brand prides itself on the customizability of their beverages. Try ordering your favorite Stampede as a Rebel and see how the tastes compare! Additionally, Black Rock coffee bar also has energy drink options that can be customized with different flavorings if Dutch Bros isn’t quite your cup of tea.

Soda Water Dupe

While also absent of caffeine, the carbonation of soda water can help tide over the people who enjoy Stampedes for the fizz. Many brands make flavored soda water, or you could take the DIY flavored energy drink tip from above and buy your favorite syrups to make your own! This alternative is slightly cheaper than the energy drink route, but likely won’t satisfy those looking for the kick of caffeine.

While no one is quite sure exactly when GCBC will have Stampedes back on the menu, it doesn’t mean they will be gone forever.  Hopefully, these alternatives can help make the separation more bearable as we all wait patiently for their energized return.

Dani is a senior at Grand Canyon University studying Professional Writing for New Media. When they aren't hunched over a computer screen typing away, they can often be found socializing with friends, explaining the latest celebrity news and drama ad nauseam or rewatching some of their favorite horror movies.