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It’s nearly that time of the semester when we get our spring break. Spring break has always been seen as the time when students go a bit wild and let loose while on break from school, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Spring break is for you to enjoy, and what better way to enjoy a break than being with friends and making some fun memories? There are many things to do and new places to see to make the perfect destination for you and your friends this spring break.

Camping Trips

What’s fantastic about going to school in Phoenix is the desert and mountains that surround the city. Going on a camping trip with your friends can be an excellent way to have some laughs, explore new places, and make memories from them. Cave Creek Regional Park is one of the many places you can camp, with hiking trails, mountain biking, and beautiful scenery. Papago Park is another place where you can camp a bit on the non-traditional side. It is located closer to Phoenix, but it provides a lovely natural retreat within the urban surroundings.

Road trips

So many places on the outskirts of the Phoenix area are great to visit during the break. An excellent place to take a road trip is the Historic Route 66. The iconic route passes through certain parts of Arizona, and there are relaxed diners and roadside attractions that you and your friends can visit.

Beach Getaway

Phoenix is a few hours away from the beach, but having fun with the water is always a great trip. San Diego and Los Angeles are cities with various beaches you can visit, and both towns are a few hours away. It’s a great combo of road trips and beach getaways. Some beaches allow camping, which makes staying a couple of nights way more affordable. But if camping on the beach isn’t your thing, booking hotels or an Airbnb early can help with the prices, not to mention splitting the final costs with friends, which helps with individual budgeting.

Visiting nearby cities

If beaches, camping, or simple road trips aren’t your thing, visiting nearby cities can fill your spring breaks with adventures. As mentioned, LA and SD are a few hours away from Arizona, but if those are too far for you, Las Vegas is about 3-4 hours away and has different attractions. Aside from its typical on-the-strip fun, there are also different sightseeing places like the Hoover Dam.

Planning trips with friends and creating new memories and experiences is always fun. Spring break is coming up, and it’s an excellent opportunity to make the best of a break with friends. Especially for those of you who are seniors this year, like me, making the most of what is left of your college before graduation with your besties is a great way to spend a much-needed break.

Hi everyone! I’m Alejandra! I’m currently a third year college student at GCU and I’m a double major in Professional Writing and Marketing. I hope you enjoy my articles.