She Would Rather Be Honest Than Liked

People say that honesty is the best policy, however, it seems like honesty can sometimes do more harm than good. Being honest is one of the best things about maturity, and the hardest when dealing with immature people. 

It seems like people today do not want to hear other people’s opinions. “My way is the right way” or so it seems, but when did girls start getting triggered by positive criticism? Different opinions are going to arise, and instead of always thinking that one way is the right way, is it impossible for people to have different views? 

This is something that is seen so commonly in friendships. Two girls get in a fight because the friend does something with which the other disagrees. Instead of taking the friends opposing view into consideration, the friend shuts her out because she does not want to hear that she could be doing something wrong. When did caring about a friend’s well-being turn into being the villain? 

For bloggers, this is a common issue especially. Bloggers strive to voice their opinion and what they believe authentically, but instead, they receive backlash from those who disagree. Why are different views becoming something that can only be fought about, rather than discussed? 

It is hard being in a world where everything is in black and white. Politics. Morals. It seems like no one is able to truly be themselves without someone giving their input. In a world where judgment, hate, and standards seem to be one-sided, how is a girl supposed to be honest with herself? 

At the end of the day, what makes her happy should be what she cares about. It is not what her friends say is right and wrong. It is not what her parents say is right and wrong. It is what is RIGHT for her. She should go with that her gut is telling her, and not others. 

How does she stay strong in times where being honest is the harder option? Here are some tips!

1.    Remember  When the world seems to be targeting her and everything she has to say, remember why she is making the decisions. She has a method behind her ‘madness,’ and should not part from it simply because others want her to. 

2.    Breathe  Life can become overwhelming. Being true to herself is never going to be easy, and can some days be more than others. She needs to remember to breathe, and know that her opinions and thoughts matter. 

3.    Be Confident  She is a strong woman. In no way should she think that her honesty is a flaw. She should be proud of the decisions that she makes, radiating confidence in herself. 

4.    Brush It Off It seems like people are going to love her and hate her opinions no matter what, so she might as well stay true to her own points of view. The negative is not going to help her prosper, and she ultimately just needs to brush off the haters and focus on herself. 

5.    Continue Being Herself  Do not change to conform to what others want to see. She should be true to herself and love herself no matter what that means. She is awesome, and that is more than enough.