Pornography Kills Love...Here’s Why

According to Time Magazine in 2016, it was reported that marriages were twice as likely to fail if a man engages in porn and three times more likely to fail if a woman engages in it as well. In our generation, we are facing a massive porn epidemic that is damaging our brains, relationships, and families. According to non-profit organization, Fight the New Drug, it was reported that in 2015, 4.3 billion hours of pornography were watched on one website. This staggering statistic proves that pornography is the catalyst on how our current society, and world is becoming more perverted. Pornography is one of the main causes that increases marital infidelity; that said, pornograohy destroys what love is.

1. Pornography Destroys Intimacy:

Studies have shown that after couples were exposed to softcore porn, they were less satisfied with their partner’s sexual performance and appearance. For example, porn users behave aggressively when performing sexual intercourse, leaving their partner distraught and dissatisfied. Also, another study was conducted that porn users disclosed that they felt less love for their partner compared to those who do not engage in porn. The bottomline is that pornography creates a vanity mindset when perceiving their partner.

2. Pornography Ignites Selfish Ambition:

Have you ever heard of the saying “Take the ‘I’ out of marriage?” In the context of marriage, it is a very selfless and noble act to serve your partner for life. Unfortunately, pornography reverses the virtue to live a selfless marriage. Pornography feeds onto one’s own self-interest rather than meeting the interests of their partner. In addition, those who watch porn are less likely to stay satisfied in their marriage and less inclined to stay in the marriage. According to Fight the New Drug, a 2012 survey of 1,500 males reported that 56% of them said their tastes in porn became “increasingly extreme or deviant.” As a result, pornographic images that used to disturb them or go against their personal values eventually became an immediate “turn-on.” This led them to look at porn more frequently than share REAL intimacy and relationships with their partners.

3. Pornography Ruins Healthy Relationships:

As of today, teenagers and young adults are getting their sex education from pornograhy right off of their cellular and computer devices. Also, on average children at the ages of 8-11 years old are introduced to pornography. So, when people are being educated by the distorted view of sex at an early age, they never have the chance to be fully educated on what a healthy relationship is since sexual immorality teaches them otherwise. For example, this can lead young people to have a twisted view by perceiving both men and women as objects. What porn doesn’t teach is that when one continuously engages in a virtual world where there is more sex and better sex, they do not receive the full satisfaction of sexual intimacy when they jump back into reality. Essentially, the satisfaction of what porn brings does the exact opposite — it leads to less satisfying sex, or eventually leading to no sex at all.

In order to break the cycle of porn addiction and the distorted education on sex, we need to be educated and reminded that God designed sex for the marriage covenant. According to Hebrews 13:4 it says “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for our God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” We as a community need to start talking about the dangers of pornography, sex outside of marriage, and the severe damages it has on our relationships. With guided counsel, accountability, confession, and prayer, we will begin to cherish and value that sex is priceless. By educating ourselves on what sex is actually meant for, we will restore the truth that sex was created by God himself in the way he intended it to be — for husband and wife.