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Perks of Having a Pet

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Since the dawn of human civilization, man and dog have had a special connection. Throughout time, dogs and other various types of animals became domesticated into beloved house pets and even social service pets. Now comes the main question: why do people adopt pets? What benefits can having a pet produce? With some evidence from psychologists and animal experts, we’ll give you a reason why having an animal companion can be the best decision you can make.

However, even before getting a pet, one must consider which pet will be better suited for you. Experts advise doing some research on which type of pet you might consider adopting and how to properly take care of both yourself and your pet.

Pets Can boost Your Physical Health

It is proven that interacting with pets can help increase opportunities to get some exercise, get outside, and socialize. Though it can apply to other animals or species, this benefit is normally associated with dogs, and bigger species of dogs demand time to go outside and exercise.

Having a pet can also help decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in your body. Paired with the added exercise, having a pet can increase cognitive activity for older adults.

Pets Can Boost Your Mental Health

While the fact itself is still under investigation, and the recent information is still new, there is some evidence pointing out that having a pet can decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone).

Having a pet can also decrease levels of anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and symptoms of PTSD. Hence why animals are great emotional support and why some of them are trained to be service pets.

Pets Can Help With Security

Dogs and cats are well known for protecting their beloving owners, though other animals may do this as well. There are many cases where animals have saved their owners’ lives.

Dogs, for example, are known to be guardian, hunting, or nursery dogs. If trained well, they can provide security to your home and detect any lurking danger. This is why dogs serve in the police force and the fire department.

Even cats can help protect your home against many things, from big animals to small pests, such as rats or insects. Cats can also sense danger or suspicious activity that can be a potential danger.

Animals are shown to have and share emotions; having a pet and treating it with love and respect will allow it to show undying loyalty and unconditional love. Also, plenty of animals in shelters are waiting for someone who will open their arms and heart and shower them with love. Having a pet is a huge responsibility, and can even take up a lot of your time and patience, but in the end, having one makes the whole journey worthwhile. Take it from me, as someone who loves her dogs and cat so much.

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