The Outbreak on Vaping

Do you even Juul? 

Now a days, this question is being asked more commonly than ever before. Whether if you actually smoke or not, sometimes disagreeing can make you seem prude or “uncool.” However, in recent studies it has shown that these e-cigarettes have damaged the lungs and lives of college students throughout the United States. So many students depend on these small devices for their pleasures of vaping and performing tricks that they fail to recognize the significant dangers of the chemicals inside. For instance, did you know that one Juul pod is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes? Now imagine how many juul pods each college student is going through in a whole week. For now, cigarettes no longer pose an issue in today’s society but the over use of e-cigarettes and the deadly health problems.

Needless to say, more and more people are suffering from lung problems than ever before. The Central for Disease Control and Prevention announced that they were unaware of what exactly is causing the deaths of these young individuals. However, several people have speculated that those who have suffered from pneumonia like symptoms were in taking e-cigarettes that were laced with marijuana and other unusual substances. Since there is no definite answer as to what chemicals are inside these devices, it is unknown as to what is the main dilemma. However, that does not obscure the fact that e-cigarettes are endangering the lungs of people at a very young age. The percentage of high school students using vaping devices has skyrocketed to almost double in the past year. The numbers only seem to increase rapidly and people are wondering what is the next step to reforming a solution. 

Since there has not been a clear answer as to what is causing the deaths of people who are consuming the e-cigarettes, there is no solution to end the usage. People are aware of the outcomes of nicotine and choose to ignore the effects. However, there are ways to decrease the amount of e-cigarettes being used. One way is for the public to avoid buying products that are being sold in the streets and anything laced with any oils. In addition, if you have never smoked don’t break the bad habit and begin to do so. This will only become addictive and your lungs would suffer dramatically in the long run. All in all, more preventative measures should be taken into practice. The state of Michigan plans to pass a bill to eliminate all flavored e-cigarettes. This can either go sideways or help the community resolve the health issue among teens and adults. Next time anyone asks if you want to Juul, remember what’s at risk; your lungs!