The Next Big Move

The state of New Mexico has announced a new plan for residents living in the state to obtain free college. This includes any of the 26 colleges and universities residing inside the state that would allow all residents access to go to college for free. In addition, this plan would benefit anyone from any type of financial background and greatly help those who are struggling to pay for school. The program is to be announced on Wednesday by the governor of New Mexico and must be passed by the legislative in order to go through. This is a big move for the state of New Mexico because it would allow the doorway for free college to be permitted all throughout the United States.

I believe this would be a positive step towards reforming a new way to go to college and allow anybody the opportunity to obtain a degree. Although there are some worries with regarding this plan such as limiting only certain states for free education, the requirements needed to be approved, and the state budget to allow this, it does bring hope to a brighter future. Imagine being able to get a degree without having the unsettling news that you will be in debt for the majority amount of your life? This would give people the motivation to finish school and strive for a higher education. Although New Mexico is starting this new idea, I do believe other states should incorporate this method and find ways to lower the cost of education. People nowadays do not go to school simply because they cannot afford it. This plan would eliminate the excuse that school is too expensive and make people sign up to get their degrees. I am glad that there is something being made to shape how we view education!