National Bagel Day

Bagel lovers rejoice! The day to celebrate this savory or sweet creation in the United States is Thursday, February 9! What better day than National Bagel Day to try a new combination of flavors to compliment the bagel. Here are three ideas for a basic bagel that you may or may not be familiar with that are worth a try.

Honey-nut Bagel: Spread a thin layer of peanut butter (or other nut butter of your choice) on the inside of each bagel half. Drizzle honey on the peanut butter on one or both sides. Enjoy separately or as a sandwich. *Try with a wheat bagel

Tuna Melt Bagel: Make tuna salad (or chicken salad) to your taste. Spread on each half of a bagel and top with a slice of cheese of your choice (cheddar recommended). Place on a baking-safe pan or sheet, and bake at 350 for approximately 10 min or until cheese melts. *Try with an everything bagel

Maple Bacon Bagel: Pour maple syrup on both halves of a bagel. Spread cream cheese on top. Crumble cooked bacon on top of the cream cheese

Give these topping combinations a shot, or if these don’t tickle your fancy, there’s always the basic go-to's like plain cream cheese, Nutella, or butter. Whatever your taste, there’s a bagel out there for you this National Bagel Day!