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It’s already time to schedule and plan your move-out at GCU! As a senior, I’m shocked at how quickly my last year went and the end of the semester has been so bittersweet. But regardless of what year you are in, it’s time for all on-campus students to head out for the summer. That is, if you’re not facing the Arizona heat and taking dreadful summer classes… good luck. But to help organize your mind and better prepare to move out, I wrote down some tips that I think will be useful!  

Create a Checklist 

It might be a good idea to write down everything you need to complete before packing up to make the move. To avoid fees from GCU, you’ll need to leave your apartment or dorm as clean as it was when you moved in. Write down all the things you need to clean before you leave, sectioning it off by rooms. You’ll want to start this at least a week before your move-out date. You could do the kitchen one day, the living room another, and hallways and common areas on the same day.  


Before you even think about beginning to pack, you should go through your belongings and decide what you need to keep and what you don’t. Most dorm and apartment buildings on campus provide Goodwill bins in the lobby for students to donate as they’re starting their move-out process. I know that I have accumulated a lot of belongings since the beginning of the fall semester, and I don’t need to bring it all home. Donate the things you don’t need and someone else will find a good use for it.  

Pack Efficiently 

In the past, I have thrown random things into one box without thinking much about it. This makes unpacking your things so much harder. Try to keep things organized when putting them into boxes or bins, you’ll thank yourself later. Keep all your kitchen supplies together, for example. And if you have a bunch of random things in the same box, label the box so you know where to find it later.  

Pack a Move-Out Kit 

As all GCU and Arizona residents know, it’s already HOT during April and May. Make sure you have enough water during this process and get some snacks to keep your energy up. It can be an exhausting process and you want to make sure you take care of yourself so you can get it all done.  

Ask for Help 

Moving out is a lot easier when you have friends and family available to help you. I know this isn’t possible for everyone because families can live far away and be unable to make the trip. But seek this out before deciding to do it all alone. It will make the process a lot easier and less stressful for you. Friends and family with a big truck or car are preferred!

Moving out is a big task no matter what, but hopefully these tips get you thinking about your move-out process and will better prepare you for the day. You guys made it through the year, and you should be proud of the work you have completed. Congratulations to all the seniors and good luck to the rest of you. HAGS!

Lauren is a professional writing student at GCU and will graduate with her bachelor's degree in Spring 2024. She loves skateboarding, watching films, doing most anything with her friends and spends her summers at her favorite beaches in Malibu.