Motivation for the Uncertain

How can you find the will to climb if you don’t know what lies ahead? How do you know if the hard work will pay off if you can’t see beyond your feet? How do you stay motivated when there is so much uncertainty that surrounds the future? Many people are in the shift of transition, whether it be graduation slowly approaching, marriage, finding a new job, or above and in between these things! It is a strange season to be in; to know that so much will change in the matter of a few months. It can be difficult to find motivation when so much can be unknown. I can assure you, that amidst the uncertainty you can find motivation and rest. May this encouragement give you peace in what you may not know right now.

First, a little PSA: you can stay motivated in the present while not knowing the future. It may be scary to work everyday and not know what you are working towards, but that is the beauty of trusting in what’s to come. Second, planning is good, but don’t let it overtake your life. While you are busy with your agenda, don’t forget the opportunities that surround you every day. The unknown may be scary and exciting all at the same time, and sometimes we can get so caught up in the future that we forget about what’s around us. We can start to dwell on the future so much and then miss out on the moments around our world. You can rest, you still have time. Don’t question the future, embrace it. Third, you can be mindful as well as hardworking. You may not know what the future holds or in what forms that might take place, but know that you can have peace that it always works itself out. Your level of responsibility is not defined by your future plans! You can live in the moment and enjoy the time that you are in now. Blonde Hair Blur Daylight Environment

Just forget about it and have peace, right? Easier said than done if you ask me. As someone with an anxious heart, this is an ongoing, daily practice. I constantly have to practice mindfulness and remembering that worrying will not accomplish anything right now. We can plan for as much as we know, but then it is out of our hands. My last encouragement to you, is that you do not need to tightly grip to the “what ifs” of the unknown. You can rest because you are alive and in this moment right now. The anxiousness in your heart can be put aside because the future always works itself out. Even in the impossible and heart wrenching moments, know that you were chosen for such a time as this. Worrying about it today does not solve the problem for tomorrow. The opportunities are wide open for you! What an exciting journey you have ahead. Your future requires just as much peace as it does planning. Put the agenda down for a moment and know that everything will work out.