Meet Madi Latch

Madi Latch sits down with her coffee in hand while laughing at one of my many jokes. She gets stuck with me as her roommate kids! At 20 years old she is a student, working at Anthropology and majoring in counseling with an emphasis in addiction. She expresses that “she has seen multiple lives change, and she wants to be a part of that change”. Growing up in Santa Clarita, California Madi loves watching Greys Anatomy (McSteamy, NOOOOOO!!!!) all while snacking on avocado toast on gluten free bread with pink Himalayan sea salt and pepper. Of course since coming from sunny California you can find her at her favorite spot the beach with a cup of strong coffee in her hand, all while watching the sunset. Madi and I sat down talked about her unique style and how her awesome bohemian with a 70’s vibe style is turning many heads.

1.      Who influences your style?

Blake Lively she has a chic bohemian style, but also dresses to the beat of her own drum. Her essence brings a light of natural style that I idolize.

2.      Do you dress in certain colors, during different seasons?

No, I don’t think there are any rules when it comes to fashion in my books. But during the fall I am guilty of wearing a burnt orange color a lot just because I love pumpkin spice flavored anything.

3.      Where do you shop?

J crew, Free people, Anthropology, Gap, Lucky Brand, Madewell, Nordstrom’s and Target. Target is life.

4.      What is your favorite item in your closet?

My jean Jacket, from Gap, because it is very versatile. I can make it look more western pairing with a plaid shirt or more grunge by throwing on a velvet dress and choker. Sun dress and cute sandals

5.      If you could dress a celebrity who would it be?

Lucy Hale, because her eyebrows are a statement piece in themselves, and she has a petite frame, which makes it easy to pull off anything.

6.      If you could go on a shopping spree who would you take and where would you go?

The first two people that pop into my mind are Elvis and Blaire Waldorf. I know, so random. But I love Elvis because of his outrageously obnoxious jumpsuits, and Blaire Waldorf because of her preppy and painfully honest self. We would probably make our way to Paris, France. I have never been but the fashion, scenery and food look to die for. That’s my dream.

7.      Describe your style?

I do not have a certain style, it has to do with how I am feeling that day. Mainly, it is bohemian with a 70’s vibe.

8.      Describe what goes through your mind when picking an outfit?

I believe what you wear describes how you communicate who you are to the people around you before even knowing or speaking to them. What I want to communicate depends on what colors I wear, so happy would be bright or white and sad/tired or whatever days would be darker colors.

9.      What one item of clothing should every women own?

I believe every women should own a wide brimmed hat. Because one, it hides a bad hair day, second it can make an outfit 10 times cuter and third they look cute on absolutely everyone.

10.   Define todays college style and how does your style fit into women your age?

Today’s style is very 90’s grunge, meaning that girls are very into chokers, band t shirts and high wasted pants and shorts. My style fits with other women my age because I feel like it fits into all categories that women my age wear: conservative and classy, chic, grungy, and sometimes just like to keep it simple.