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Making Big Decisions: A Battle We All Encounter

Why as individuals are we so torn by making big decisions?  This phenomenon has captivated many cultures due to the underlying stress that a decision can provoke. Also, our small day-to-day decisions can impact and influence our mindset by how we are fulfilling our lives. As young adults, we are steadily maturing in a way where we base our decisions from what is beneficial, practical, and inspiring. Essentially, when it comes to making a big decision, it is vital to evaluate your thoughts personally, and with others before saying “yes” to the next decision that will impact your tomorrow.

When I get a little overwhelmed by making a huge decision, my dad would always tell me to “write out your pros and cons”. Writing and organizing thoughts on a piece of paper can be so beneficial when the cluttering files in our minds are neatly categorized. That said, taking time away from our phone, will help give us a clearer perspective on what is being handed to us. It is best to place emotions aside so that we can simply list the decision’s outcomes in a logical order.

According to best-selling author, Eric Barker, he writes that most successful people around the world have/had great mentors in their lives. For most college students, our souls are in desperate need for direction and guidance when we are seeking our identity, passions, and purpose in life. In addition, having someone who has walked the similar identity-seeking path, and all together providing wisdom is nothing more than humbling. Mentors are meant to give career advice, emotional support, and act as a role model. So, these wise folks are a great advantage when it comes to making the most important decisions in our lives (since they had to make a big decision themselves to get where they are at now). 

Additionally, having a great support system is equally important as your mentor when guiding your next big step in life. Family, close friends, professors, boyfriend, and roommates are an influence in your daily tasks, goals, and pursuits. It is best to remind yourself of the close people God has given you so that you know where to seek advice and encouraging affirmations through the decision-making process.

Importantly, nothing can disqualify you more than yourself. It is easy to feel fearful when major decisions come our way and we are so timid to take the leap of faith because we do not know what is on the other side behind the choice we ought to make.  When someone has the passion to pursue their long-awaited dreams, they will know when to make the best decision. It is vital to know what your heart desires so that when the time comes to make a great decision, you’ll discern if it aligns with the path you’re pursuing. Ultimately, what you truly value will affect the process when it comes to making that big decision. That said, having faith in your passions and strengths will guide you; with confident decision making skills, it will help you progress through life because of the faith you have in yourself. 




Hello! I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I am a junior at Grand Canyon University while majoring in Communications with a double minor in professional writing, and marketing. As a young woman, I am looking forward to making new experiences where I can learn and grow.
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