Loving Those Who Hurt You

One of the hardest things that God asks is, “love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you” (Luke 6:27-28, NIV). But how is a broken woman of God supposed to love the one who broke her?

Every girl wants care for her heart. However, when her heart breaks, it seems like the only person to blame is the boy who broke it. But what is the necessary first step that is missing?

It is important to realize that the hurt we carry in our heart after a breakup or fight, is hurting us rather than healing us. This is because of the negativity we tend to exert. The negative side we have towards the other is creating a hardened heart. Instead amongst this pain and negativity, our heart should shine for the Lord. A broken heart will not be filled again by the downfall of the person who wronged it. A heart can only be restored in one way: solely through the love and faith of Jesus Christ.

The easiest thing to do when someone has been wronged, is to place the blame upon other person. Yet, believers forget that Jesus died for the sins that they personally commit daily. If a community of believers cannot expect themselves to love those who have hurt them, then why should believers expect God’s grace?

Yes, it hurts when that boy decides he no longer loves or cares for the girl who gave him everything. Yes, it hurts when that friend of six years changes and turns into another person. But all that hurt should not be laid on one’s heart, but rather given to Christ for restoration. When Christian women have a hard heart, they stray further away from God’s desire to heal them and fulfill their desires. It is easy to love those who treat you with kindness but is is harder to accept the hurt you’ve received.

Instead of casting the hate and blame on the individual who has wronged you, take an evaluation of yourself. There are always things that can be learned from any relationship. Whether that be finding one’s identity in Christ rather than a in a relationship or recognizing hopes for a future relationship. There is always something positive that can appear amongst

heartbreak. Instead of drowning in what he or she did, think about what the lessons this person taught you.

I encourage you to think about the happy times, and the goodness of God. God intentionally placed this person in your life for a specific reason. It may seem like the biggest hurt of your life. However, through this hurt, God wants you to come out of it stronger. This is going to make you into the woman that you are destined to be. A woman shining for the Lord.

You are meant to be something greater than this hurt. It is only temporary. Those who have wronged you, should not be given the chance to harm you even more with a hardened heart. The best thing for a heart is to love, smile, and remember, those who hurt you were once a very important person in your life.

The next time you see that boy who hurt you, smile. Remember that God will never fail you. It takes time and understanding that God’s love is enough.